Starmer is starting to remind me of Theresa May – VIDEO

November 1, 2020

by Martin Odoni

I have been complaining for months that Keir Starmer is really a far feebler debater who offers much weaker opposition to the Government than the media and the political class try to convince us he is. His displays of unnecessary ruthlessness towards his own party’s members disprove neither of these accusations. Quite the reverse; sacrificing one’s own troops while evading confrontations with real and powerful opponents, especially during times of crisis, is nothing more than a bully slapping downwards.

He hasn’t even got the guts to face Jeremy Corbyn! And yet he wants to represent the United Kingdom in relations with other countries?

Instead I wish to add to the accusations. Starmer, like all bullies, is also a coward.

In fact, Starmer’s cowardice is so extreme, I am reminded of Theresa May’s shockingly spineless behaviour during the 2017 General Election campaign. Questions that were asked about her suitability as Prime Minister then must now be asked about Starmer.

It is now well-recorded that, with Starmer’s full approval (if not active involvement), the Labour Party has suspended the membership of former leader, Jeremy Corbyn. It has since become very clear that Corbyn was not even informed in person of the suspension, and only heard of it from a media photographer. Starmer’s pathetic attempt to rationalise this was that Corbyn has been sent a letter formally informing him of the suspension, and the details of why.

This excuse-making waffle from Starmer is truly weaselly

The reason this is so pathetic is that, even if that truly justified not telling Corbyn in person – which it does not – it is completely out-of-order that Corbyn was not even allowed the simple dignity of being the first to know. It is clear that someone malicious on the right wing of the party, possibly Starmer himself, leaked the news to the media, and very quickly. Even if Starmer did not leak it, even if he did not authorise the leak, even if he did not know of the leak until after the press broke the news, he is still responsible, as he is leader. Above all, his failure to make sure Corbyn was at least informed unofficially meant that, with typical, childish ‘New Labour’ malice, his predecessor was publicly humiliated once again. There is a growing pattern of this behaviour from the right wing of the Labour Party towards any prominent left wing member being suspended or thrown out. It also chimes very closely with the abuse of Diane Abbott by party officials, as highlighted by the leaked report from April.

Diane Abbott receiving some behind-the-back insults, some bordering on sexist, some bordering on racist, none bordering on acceptable. And trying to set her up at a bad moment by sending a Channel 4 reporter after was just vile.

The petty, pointless spite of the Labour Right is once again beyond reason. Have they not needlessly persecuted Corbyn enough yet? How much more of his blood do these psychotics want? What has he ever done to deserve such vindictiveness?

But to any readers devoid enough of empathy to roll their eyes at this, I ask them to consider; even if the indecency does not bother you, the cowardice angle should concern everyone. Remember how May’s endless evasions of questioning and debate in 2017 led to some people raising a very good objection; “If she doesn’t have the nerve,” we asked, “to debate Corbyn head-to-head, how can we rely on her to negotiate Brexit with the twenty-seven other European Union Heads of State?”

Similar question now; if Starmer has not got the nerve for a confrontation with a man as inaggressive as Jeremy Corbyn, how can he possibly be relied upon to negotiate future trade treaties with overseas leaders? There will be an awful lot of such post-Brexit deals still to be done, even after the next General Election – far, far more indeed than will have already been finalised. Starmer keeps caving in feebly to the Zionist bullies, and now he cannot bring himself to face probably the least bullying Member of Parliament Britain has had in the last forty years!

I look at Starmer and wonder, who would give their vote to someone this spineless in 2024? He will not get mine.

5 Responses to “Starmer is starting to remind me of Theresa May – VIDEO”

  1. Lynn Dye Says:

    Great article, Martin, with many good points. Thank you!

  2. A6er Says:

    Very interesting post Martin,your insights on Starmer are spot on.
    Thank you for sharing them.

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