December 21, 2020

Why do I have a low opinion of the BBC?

Well, not specifically because of what Mark Doran describes here, but certainly for exactly the same attitude it has consistently displayed since time-immemorial.

Musical Matters...

The 1980s were more than half-way through when I first began to realise that, far from being the ‘glorious national treasure’ of (self-created) legend, the BBC was in fact a collapsing sewer system that stank to heaven. And, if memory serves, it was in 1988 that I posted off my first ever ‘BBC complaint’ — which means that it has been literally 32 years since I discovered the level of sheer contempt with which the UK’s national broadcaster views the criticisms of those who pay for it.

Inevitably, perhaps, it was the BBC’s intensifying maltreatment of the classical music repertoire which provoked that first letter — my sensitivity to outrageously bent news took slightly longer to develop — and I well remember my astonishment at the pompous, snotty arrogance of the dismissive reply that came back from a senior producer whose name I actually knew and respected.

Nowadays, of…

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2 Responses to “Unreasonable…?”

  1. Tudor Rickards Says:

    Martin, my new book in draft revision form deals partially with my own concerns over the decline of BBC as a world class news agency. You may be interested in its contents in your Work.



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    • Martin Odoni Says:


      My own position is that, historically, the BBC has been dramatically over-rated as a news organisation anyway, given it has pretty much ALWAYS covered for the Establishment since day 1. But there is no doubt that, since the Hutton Report in particular, it has gotten a lot, lot worse and a lot more brazen in its bias.

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