by Martin Odoni

(What just about passes for) the current leader of the Labour Party, ‘Sir’ Keir Starmer, is attending an online event on Thursday this week. It is organised by the charity My Life My Say, and is being hosted by Munya Chawawa and Swarzy Macaly, and the main focus of the conversation will be how to engage young people in politics.

Now, some people might argue that there is an ugly irony in Starmer taking part in any event that attempts to engage people in politics. After all, he and his fraudulent colleagues on the right wing of the Labour Party have spent the last five years trying to disengage from politics, and marginalise, hundreds of thousands of people.

Wouldn’t it be horrible if anyone asked him why he has abandoned the ten pledges he made to become Labour leader without calling a fresh leadership election, or why he keeps exercising powers over the party membership that, as Labour leader, he does not possess?

But I say we should take a more positive attitude to the occasion. Indeed, we should join in with it, and use it to try and make Starmer’s evening rather less of a stroll-in-the-park than he imagines it will be.

Therefore, if you wish to submit questions to Starmer, you can do so one of three ways. First, you can register for the event here, and submit a question at the same time. Alternatively, you can e-mail questions to Finally, if you are on Twitter, you can simply tweet a question to the show, simply by including the hashtag #QQTStarmer, ideally around 6:30pm on Thursday, when the event starts up.

If you are unsure what questions you might want to put to this most bland of Leaders of the Opposition, I have already tweeted a selection to the hashtag, all of which are listed below. Readers are invited to tweet questions of a similar type to these, and if they are still unable to think of any, I am perfectly happy for them to copy-and-paste any or all of the below. Time to try and make Starmer uncomfortable when he has nowhere to hide; –

Questions I have tweeted to #QQTStarmer

Where’s the Forde Report?

Why are you okay with allowing a former spy of the Israeli Government, who has a history of extortion and blackmail, to become a member of your party’s staff?

When will you report Joan Ryan to Scotland Yard for accepting a bribe from the Israeli Government?

Why have you not taken any action against members of staff at Labour HQ who sabotaged the party’s Election attempts in 2017 and 2019? #FordeReport

Why do you have an anti-Semitic hatred of Jews who oppose Israel?

Why do you have such a racist hatred of Palestinian Arabs?

Will you apologise for repeatedly supporting most of Boris Johnson’s policy on the Coronavirus, even trying to form a coalition Government with him, when most of your party were against that position, and his policy has led to tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths?

When will you admit that, being a self-proclaimed Zionist, you are a pro-Apartheid racist?

You seem to have a neverending succession of meetings with pro-Israel groups. When will you start holding meetings with pro-Palestinian groups?

Do you accept that you were wrong to keep pushing for schools to be reopened when it was obviously much too early? Do you accept that you are partly responsible for the deaths this policy led to?

Why did you let the Panorama frauds win the legal case against the Labour Party, when the evidence that they are frauds working for the Israeli Embassy is conclusive, and party lawyers stated that you would win the case hands down?

Why did you keep the list of rich donors from whom you accepted campaign funds a secret until after the leadership contest?

Do you agree that it is grossly inappropriate for a Labour Party leader to be funded by monied interests and not by the interests of workers and the poor?

When will you formally oppose Israel’s completely illegal moves to annexe occupied territories in the West Bank?

If you are doing this podcast because you wish to encourage more young people to engage in democracy, why are you so determined to throw so many people out of the Labour Party, thus disconnecting them from democracy?

To repeat, please feel free to copy-and-paste any of these into a tweet or e-mail directed to the show, or any questions of your own over which you feel Starmer needs to be held to account. I do realise that the presenters will be at liberty not to read these questions out. But let us at least make it clear to them that they should do.