Well, this tweet hath not aged like the finest Armagnac, hath it, Cheggers?

February 23, 2021

by Martin Odoni

A quick follow-up to the earlier post about the Labour North West attempt to stitch up the party’s Liverpool Mayoral candidacy. This evening, Twitter users stumbled upon and shared a rather interesting post from just over a year ago, published by Sir Keir Starmer AKA Sir Kieth AKA Sir Kieth Cheg-lose AKA Cheggers Talks Plop.

Oh, the 80s would REALLY have been in fourth gear with this man in the DJ industry

The tweet was published while ‘Cheggers’ was trying to pretend to the world for the sake of the Labour Leadership Election that he shared at least a few real Labour values; –


Does anyone else suddenly feel like they have just been lectured on the evils of political and financial corruption by Peter Mandelson?


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