Starmer sabotaged soft Brexit talks to aid his leadership ambitions

September 19, 2021

Keir Starmer’s leadership of the Labour Party is a crime.

It just isn’t illegal, for some reason.

Colonel Despard’s Radical Comment

Back in August 2019 the journalist Patrick Cockburn warned that Boris Johnson’s prorogation of parliament was the start of aslow-moving coup, aiming to progressively marginalize opposition to hard-right Tory rule. He called it “a very modern coup in which a demagogic nationalist populist authoritarian leader vaults into power through quasi-democratic means and makes sure that he cannot be removed.”

What is less well known, but now revealed in anunauthorized biographyof Keir Starmer by Michael Ashcroft, is that Johnson was only able to force out Theresa May and become Tory leader because Starmer blocked a deal with May’s government that could have resulted in a soft Brexit.

Ashcroft’s book notes that May had invited Jeremy Corbyn to take part in cross-party talks in an attempt to agree a unified approach to Brexit. Starmer led the Labour delegation. According to an extract published in theDaily Mail

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