by Martin Odoni

I invite readers to study this video, from about two years ago, of the vile anti-Arab racist and phony journalist, David Collier, being confronted about his total failure to fight the widespread anti-Semitism in the Conservative Party. He instead has devoted ridiculously disproportionate amounts of time to attacking the UK Labour Party – exclusively the left of the Labour Party note – for the negligible amount of the prejudice evident in its ranks.

“I don’t criticise Tory AS, because I’m not a Tory, but I do criticise Irish AS because… er… er…because… well… because…” Because he is a gobsh*te.
Nod of thanks to Dorset Eye for the video.

There you have it. Collier’s explanation was absolutely emphatic. He has never investigated or fought against Tory anti-Semitism because he is not a member of the Tory Party. Therefore, he seems to think, this means it is not his responsibility to get involved.

I really, really do not see how that works at all. By that logic, the task of protecting Jews from the Holocaust was the sole responsibility of the Nazis; some chance of that arrangement saving anybody from the Gas Chambers.

But for the sake of argument, let us pretend for the time being that Collier’s feeble excuse has somehow persuaded us. How does Collier reconcile that response with this week’s hatchet job he has done on the people of Ireland? His report seems to claim that everyone with Irish forefathers, or who has had a pint of Guinness at some point in their lives, is an anti-Semite.

Now Ireland, to its ever-lasting credit, has taken a principled stand against trading with Israeli industries that operate inside the Occupied Territories, which should belong to the Palestinians. That is why the Zionist movement, especially the Zionist Federation of Britain and Ireland, has turned its sordid attention to Irish politics i.e. once again they are hunting anti-Zionists and not anti-Semites at all. But the fact that Collier is actively involved in it is totally incongruous. (Or at least it would be if his excuse in the video had fooled anybody.) He says he only takes responsibility for fighting anti-Semitism he sees in groups of which he is already a member, right?

What? Is Collier Irish then? His own self-description on his grotty little blog does not seem to think so, indeed it does not mention any links he might have to Ireland at all. There is an Irish Labour Party, but for very obvious reasons it is not connected to the UK Labour Party, so this investigation cannot be an extension of his hatchet-jobs against the British Left. In any event, Collier’s report appears to reach far beyond Irish Labour. What is his involvement in Irish politics that is so enormous that he feels he can comment on politicians all over the Republic? It is somehow larger than any involvement in British politics, as he feels he cannot comment on the Tories, and yet on current evidence, there is no detectable link between Collier and Ireland at all.

Let me put it to you, Collier, that you need to stop imagining that you are fooling anybody with your arbitrary explanations. The average human being is not as stupid as you look.