You think Israel is a hypocrite over Russia? You hardly know the half of it

March 11, 2022

by Martin Odoni

Israel has quite emphatically joined in the Ukraine-Russia War on the side of Ukraine. Correctly, many have responded angrily at the hypocrisy of Israel and the Zionist movement, after decades of colonising the land of the Palestinians, now getting self-righteous about witnessing the Russians doing the same to someone else.

This is true as far as it goes, but let me briefly tell you a (massively-abridged and simplified) history, to show you just how deeply and malodorously that hypocrisy runs.

About eleven centuries ago, there was a tribe living in what is now Ukraine called the Kyivan-Ruus. Due to constantly being overrun by outsiders such as Mongol hoardes, the tribe eventually migrated north-east to the lands they called “Muscovy”. After long years of building, the Kyivan-Ruus had spread and settled across tens of thousands of square miles in north-east Europe, and had established a mighty city to serve as a central hub in their civilisation – “Moscow”.

The alternative spelling

Over the centuries that followed, the Kyivan-Rus people built a vast Empire that spread further and further east until it covered all of northern Asia and much of eastern Europe. The people by this time had started to call themselves “Rus-ians.” This term later re-evolved into “Russians.”

But a legacy of the original Kyivan-Rus tribe is that the name of the Ukrainian capital of Kiev is derived from that same tribal name. In a sense, Ukraine is the birthplace of the Russian nation. And so when Russia tries to seize control of Ukraine, it is in a sense trying to reclaim its ancestral homeland.

Does this sound familiar, Zionists? Is it not a little odd that you defend the theft of Israel from Palestinians on the pretext that it was the Jews’ ancestral home, and yet you oppose the Russians trying to reclaim theirs?

This is not a defence of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, please note. Just a castigation of Israel’s unending, nauseating, arbitrary self-entitlement.

Yes, Naftali, I mean you

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