by Martin Odoni

A Zionist on Twitter committed another blunder at the weekend by issuing an explicit threat. The threat was aimed at myself personally and was worded in such a way as to give the game away why Zionists and Israel supporters behave as they do, especially towards Jews who will not toe the Israel line.

Due to the Zionist blocking me rather hurriedly during the exchange – rather rendering his/her whole interjection a bit futile – I had to use different browsers to paste together a full image of what was said, but you should be able to get the broad gist of it from the following merged screencap; –

No reasoned argument to convey why I am wrong to object to Israel’s crimes, just a threat of more abuse and bullying if I do not keep my mouth shut. Bit of a giveaway?

There you have it.

To place this in context, Gary Lineker of the BBC shared a report on his Twitter feed that will probably get him labelled an “anti-Semite” within a week. It detailed how Israel has forced the demolition of a Palestinian school in the West Bank. The demolition was ordered because the school was built “illegally,” a laughable pretext when Israel’s entire occupation of the West Bank is illegal, and is the only basis of Israeli “jurisdiction” there in the first place.

NOTE: This is yet another giveaway that Israel’s ‘democracy’ is a sham, as it claims sovereignty over lands to which it does not extend legitimate electoral rights, thus keeping entire non-Zionist communities unrepresented in their real Government; the Palestinian Authority is not and never will be a real Government. The PA is there for Palestinians to vote for to give the illusion that there is a democracy at work, but in practice, the PA controls nothing important in what remains of Palestine. Everything that matters, including the entire supply line of necessary goods into Gaza and the West Bank, is entirely controlled by Israel.

But to keep to the point; I replied to Lineker that he was a bit of a “late arrival” at the Israeli Oppression Show, and that triggered the response from “BB” – presumably a joke reference to Binyamin “Bibi” Netanyahu. It was so crude, it was startling. Not frightening, understand, just startling. There was absolutely no pretence at all on BB’s part to be doing anything other than naked bullying.

BB started by informing me that I am “not even Jewish.” Seeing my mother is Jewish, that can only mean she did not give birth to me, which I am sure will come as a profound surprise to her. But no matter, I am sure that BB knows better than her, because… er, because…

Sorry, readers, I never really thought the previous sentence through before I started typing it. I will come back to it later if I can think of a reason why “BB” would know the circumstances of my birth better than my mum does. (If you are reading this, clearly I have not been able to.)

I retweeted BB’s silly remark, with a long-suffering grumble about the endlessness of Zionist abuse, and BB again responded by saying the quiet bit out loud; –

“Keep your mouth shut then you won’t get ‘this shit all the time’.

Neither BB’s (inaccurate) accusation that I am not Jewish, nor his warning to keep my mouth shut, in the slightest way addressed the matter of the Israelis spitefully knocking down a school in territory that the Israeli Defence (HAH!) Force had no right to be in. He offered no apparent contest to the details in the report Lineker had shared at all. He only attacked me, and entirely personally. And in ways that clearly were not intended to offer intellectual or moral input of any kind. I mean, say I really am not Jewish; so what? Would that mean I cannot possibly know anything about this? It was only tangentially relevant, an attempt to insult, nothing more, and was then followed up by an attempt to intimidate and threaten. It was not argument, it was just bullying.

BB clearly has nothing to contradict the report, he (or she?) just wanted people not to talk about its contents.

All she wants is to go to school. Israel refuses to let her

This is all a bit of a foul-up on BB’s part, as it is now pretty explicit that Zionists do not care in the slightest whether critics of Israel are telling the truth or not. They just want us to keep our mouths shut. They are not the oppressed. They are the oppressors. They are not the keepers of truth. They are the ones who have something to hide, and are terrified most particularly that Jews who do not conform to Zionist dogma will reveal it.

And why should any of us keep our mouths shut? It would be amorality of the coldest order just to ignore what is being done to the Palestinians anyway, but anti-Zionist Jews have been dragged into this by Israel in the first place. It is Israel that commits crimes in the name of Jews globally, and without consulting Jews globally first. Therefore Jews who disapprove are compelled to object, and to expose the lies that are told on our behalf but without our approval.

If Israel and its pathetic sycophants want our silence, they must stop committing their crimes, stop claiming to act in the name of Jews who have never endorsed their deeds, and above all stop trying to bully those same Jewish dissenters into silence. We are Jews, but we are not Israelis, we do not ‘belong’ to Israel, and Israel has no right or power to control what we say.

The harder you push us, Zionists, the louder we will shout.