by Martin Odoni

I have been getting very annoyed over the last year at proponents of the war in Ukraine against Russia trying to scream down opposition. It usually takes the form of familiar emotional blackmail about letting the Ukrainian people suffer. Others try to convince us that if Vladimir Putin is not stopped in Ukraine, he will eventually conquer Europe.

It of course takes little mental agility to spot the absurdity in that paranoia-fuelling second argument; if Putin is having so much trouble conquering just Ukraine, what chance will the remnant of his armed forces have of overcoming the NATO nations all over western Europe?

But returning to the first argument about the well-being of the Ukrainian people, we have heard it all before. Remember 2013, when the Tories under David Cameron tried to convince the British people that they wanted to save the people of Syria by dropping bombs on them? But subsequently they have, right up to the present day, showed an irrational degree of reluctance to let Syrian refugees enter the UK in search of asylum.

It is the same here, and again the massive giveaway is too obvious not to laugh at contemptuously.

The British are now sending Depleted Uranium weapons and ammunition to Ukraine.

Such weapons were used in Iraq, both in 1991 and in 2003, to effect so devastating that the cities affected will remain poisoned for generations to come, and deformities and birth-defects are widespread among the Iraqi population in the zones targeted.

Time for the emotional blackmailers to give up their speeches about the superior morality of interventionist war. No one who has the welfare of the Ukrainian people at heart, or anywhere in their thoughts, would ever deploy such weapons onto Ukrainian soil, nor try to dress it up as a ‘defensive’ manoeuvre. It is purely about destroying the Russians at any cost. The British deny that this is a nuclear escalation, insisting that the weapons are ‘conventional’, but it seems unimportant what nametag is applied. If they contain uranium, the weapons will not have a ‘conventional’ effect.

A sample of DU found in the Balkans during the civil war that broke up Yugoslavia

This move by the British Government is profoundly corrupt, possibly against International Law, and may even violate anti-nuclear proliferation treaties. And if the Ukrainians choose to use the weapons, it will doubtless lead to generations more of suffering for the Ukrainian people, who already have to struggle against nearly four decades of toxic harm caused to their homeland by the ruins of the Chernobyl power station near Pripyat. Thanks to Chernobyl, the exclusion zone will not be habitable again for twenty thousand years.

It seems Western countries, especially the United Kingdom, will not be satisfied until the rest of Ukraine becomes an exclusion zone too.