A good start

July 28, 2006

Well folks, at the risk of sounding like I’m straining my arm with the effort of patting myself on the back, the first couple of days of rebuilding the site in blog form have been quick and effective. A large number of articles from the old archive have already been uploaded and stored here, the categories are taking shape, and we’ve even got the first part of what looks set to be a new regular feature, in the form of Downs Under.

Regular users from TheCritique forum, please get in touch and let us know how you feel it’s shaping up, what you think of the present look, and any thoughts on what else you’d like to see included. If anyone wants to help out as well, please get in touch via the forum.

It’s a good start so far, but it’s still only a start.


Welcome one and all.

Maybe you’re new to this ‘TheCritique’ business, and are wondering what the hell this place is meant to be. Maybe you’re wondering why this blogspace is being referred to as the ‘new’ home for whatever-it-is. “You mean it used to have another home?” Or maybe you’re familiar with the entity and are just sighing with relief that a change of scenery has finally begun.

To explain to any noobs first. TheCritique was – well, is – a small British website and forum that was set up in 2004 for analysis and discussion of current affairs. The initial roll-call of membership was a handful of final year school-goers in Nuneaton, at the head of which was Will Cole, who went by the username of ‘TheCritique’, hence the name of the site and forum he put together. The site was primarily a store for people to submit articles on the current political scene to, and the forum was the ‘debating chamber’.

It has to be said that the setup has only been a partial success at best, for reasons far too numerous to go into here, but hence the start of this new approach. The old archive-style site is being abandoned altogether, and is now being replaced with a blog, which provides far more flexible access for members. The idea is to turn TheCritique into a kind of online magazine, and with greater access available for different members, a more constant flow of new material and activity will, hopefully, be on the horizon.

If you’re interested in joining the membership of TheCritique, please go to the forum, which canbe accessed via the Links section to the right, and join up there. Then just introduce yourself and the Admin team can arrange for you to contribute any articles or features you have available.

Otherwise, please just sit back and read! (If you’d like to comment on any of the articles on this blog, again please go to the forum and join up, and you can then post your thoughts on the relevant thread on the Articles board.)