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Current Affairs Articles/Features by Martin Odoni;-

Finding A Pothole That Fits – May 2004

It Couldn’t Get Worse Than Saddam. Could It? – August 2004

He Only Got The Year Wrong – But Did He? – October 2004

The Real Case For War – October 2004

Pretty Straight GuffDecember 2005

Out Of Sight – Out Of Your MindAugust 2006

The Divine Right-Of-WingsOctober 2006

Iraq Provides No Case Against IranMarch 2007

Neocon = Nazi? It’s Not Just An InsultNovember 2007

The ‘Evils’ Of AppeasementDecember 2007

Beware – Obama Will DisappointNovember 2008


You Can Follow Morality Or The Rules: You Can’t Follow Both

The Laugh Of Triumph

Why The Death Of bin Laden Stinks

The Illogic Of The ‘No’ Campaign

A Cautious Defence (Of A Sort) Of The Indefensible – 

The Creationist Dictionary –

Odoni’s Fifteen Laws Of Creationism


The Five Big Reasons Why Austerity Has The Opposite Effect From The One George Osborne ExpectsApril 2013

War-Mongering Will Always Stumble On Its Own Arrogance EventuallySeptember 2013

Ladies & Gentlemen, Meet The Coalition GovernmentSeptember 2013

‘You Poor People Are Not Working Enough’ According To Men Living In Mansions – September 2013

The Bedroom Tax  – An Appeal To The President Of The United States Of AmericaSeptember 2013

Vote For Petulance!September 2013

The ‘International Community’ – Politicalese For ‘My Gang’s Better Than Your Gang’September 2013

Britain – A Self-Harming EconomySeptember 2013

Yes, The System Needs Changing, But It Won’t Just Change For YouOctober 2013

If Patriotism Is A Virtue, The Daily Mail Is A Sinner – October 2013


Mark Duggan: An Incomplete Inquest – January 2014

No, Mr Cameron. It’s A Demotion All RightJuly 2014

Russian Leaders On A Broken-Down Train Joke: Rewritten For Leaders Of The British Conservative PartyJuly 2014

“It’s politics, not science, driving climate mania: Why are environmentalists and scientists so reluctant to discuss long-term increases in southern hemisphere sea ice?”  – July 2014

Female-On-Male Abuse – A Joke I Do Not Wish To Tell – August 2014

The British – They Bemoan The Status Quo, They Flinch From ChangeSeptember 2014

Laughing At Jack Is FairOctober 2014

Osborne & His Austerity Program Have Been A Total Failure, Not A Partial OneOctober 2014

No No, Tories. A Plan That Works Is One Where The Outcomes Approximately Match The Aims – October 2014

If Fear Is Truly Inseparable From Respect, Then – And Only Then – IDS Has My RespectNovember 2014

#CameronMustGo & The Nonsense Of Right Wing Political Correctness – November 2014

The Autumn Statement – “Steady As She Runs Aground”December 2014

If It Isn’t Osborne, It’s Oborne; No, The UK Will Not Go Bankrupt. EVER – December 2014

Sometimes Sitting On The Fence Is More Dangerous Than A LeapDecember 2014

Taxes Give Us Freedom, They Don’t Take It Away – December 2014

Tory Economic Recoveries… Even Briefer Than Tory Sex?December 2014


My Whippersnapper-style ProfileJanuary 2015

At Last – An Admission That Bankruptcy Is Not A National Issue – January 2015

Congratulating Some People Can Hurt–Especially When It’s For Being A Sneaky Weasel – January 2015

Human Lives Are Still Valued According To Where They Began – January 2015

A Warning To Americans About Birmingham – January 2015

What About That Debt We “Need To Pay”, Gideon? – January 2015

Spare Us Your Emotional Blackmail, Labourites – January 2015

Egyptian Crowd Disaster: The Uncomfortably Familiar Echoes Of The PastFebruary 2015

An Open Letter: Oh The Shame! The Shame!February 2015

Just Time For A Quick Joke… Please Don’t Be Mad, ‘Kippers – February 2015

If UKIP Really Want To Convince Us They’re Not Racists & Fools, This Is What They Should Do – February 2015

Renewables Or Subsidy, It’s Still A Silly Climate-Denialist Question – February 2015

David Cameron & The Primitive Instinct Thatcherites Need To Shake Off Quick – February 2015

It’s Real, Isn’t It? The Tories Are Terrified Of Ed MilibandMarch 2015

Iain Duncan Smith: Surely He Can Be Prosecuted By Now – March 2015

In A Democratic Process, You Are Supposed To Tell Us What Your Own Damned Budgets Are Before You Insult Someone Else’s – March 2015

Leaders’ Debate: Did You Notice Cameron’s Slip? April 2015

It’s A Sad Look-Out For The Left When Labour Endorses The Telegraph & The MailApril 2015

Conservative ‘Morality’ – It Means ‘Wrong Things Are Only Wrong When They’re Bad For People Like Me’ – April 2015

Here’s A Better Way To Shut Katie Hopkins & Amy Childs UpApril 2015

Politicised Adverts? – April 2015

Austerity Is Not ‘Unnecessary’. It Is POISONOUS – April 2015

“If We Tax The Rich, They’ll Leave And Take Their Money With Them!” Yeah? And? – April 2015

An Implosion Once Started Almost Always Completes April 2015

Daily Mail Poised For More Stunning Revelations About Red EdApril 2015

The Valley Parade Fire; Arson? – April 2015

“Don’t Call Us Racist! It’s Offensive!” – April 2015

The Cameronite-Conservative Dictionary – April 2015

GE2015: However The Poll Pans Out, Electoral Reform Must Return To The Agenda – May 2015

GE 2015: Defying AnalysisMay 2015

A Slim Majority Means More Instability. Good News? No – May 2015

Oh, Shut Up, Blair – May 2015

If I Hear Just *One* More Blairite Bleating On About ‘Aspiration’… – May 2015

Hey, BBC, How About You Let Us Hear From Someone From Labour Who Isn’t From The Red Tory Wing? – May 2015

Recipriversexclu-Mots – July 2015

When Incentives Equal Stupidity, They Are Not Incentives Anymore – July 2015

Gove On Crutches; Oh Please Tell Me No One’s Falling For This! – July 2015

More On Gove’s PR Stunt – July 2015

Why Are Labour So Scared, When Their Opponents Seem Permanently Terrified? – July 2015

Insanity: A Summary Of Now – July 2015

Zionists: Debating TacticsAugust 2015

Opinion Polls; The Questions Say More Than The AnswersAugust 2015

“Nothing To Do With Me”, Did You Say, IDS? Well Then You’re Still In For The Chop – August 2015

Many Commiserations On Your Unqualified Success – August 2015

“How Dare ISIL Kill British Citizens! That’s *Our* Job!” – August 2015

In Response To Chrissie Hynde: Here Is A Comprehensive List Of All The Circumstances In Which A Woman Is To Blame For A Rape –  August 2015

“We’ll Drop Bombs On You To Help You, But We Won’t Give You An Escape Route” – September 2015

Did Littlejohn Really Say All That? – September 2015

The Word “Defensive” Is Now Meaningless – September 2015

Syrian Refugee Crisis: A Couple Of Rumours CorrectedSeptember 2015

#‎JezHeDid‬ – Maybe Miracles Do Happen. Or Is It Something More? – September 2015

David Cameron: A New Model StalinSeptember 2015

Sorry, But The Media Really Are To Blame – September 2015

Good Grief, Not That Analogy Again – September 2015

The Mobile Phone; The Ultimate Treasure? – October 2015

Have I Followed Alice Through The Looking Glass?October 2015


‘Islamic State’; The New Jesse James – June 2016

England And Wales; You Have No Idea What You Have Set In Motion. Or What You Haven’t – June 2016

Gideon, We Really Can’t Wait Until September For You To Respond – June 2016

Do Us A Favour, Red Tories; Of Course It’s A Coup, Of Course It’s Been Planned – June 2016

Words Are Changing Meaning Again; Now Democracy Means We Have To Shut Up – June 2016

A Daring Prediction: New Labour Is Finished – June 2016

Past Leaders Are Not A Path To The Future – July 2016

You Are Mistaken, Prescott & Kinnock – July 2016

Blair Must Be ImpeachedJuly 2016

Blair’s Denials Are Insulting – July 2016

Angela Pigeon: A True Story – July 2016

The ‘Ambiguity’ Explained – July 2016

The NEC’s Second Ruling May Be Illegal – July 2016

Eagle & Smith May Be Ineligible To Challenge CorbynJuly 2016

Corbyn And Trump: Same Story, Different Ending? – October 2016


Clearing up a little post-Brexit Myth – January 2017

“Theresa the Appeaser?” No, she’s worseJanuary 2017

Brexitopia: A Short PlayJanuary 2017

With friends like Trump & Farage – February 2017

Corbyn’s best win yet highlights the shallowness of our mediaMarch 2017

A note of caution over the Westminster stabbing March 2017

More on the Westminster Attack – March 2017

CLOSE THE BORDERS!!! The Westminster Attacker was from, er, Kent – March 2017

Stop calling Khalid Masood a ‘Radical Islamist’. We do not yet know if he was March 2017

Brexit begins – March 2017

“The Leave Campaigns didn’t lie about £350 million for the NHS!” Of course they did April 2017

Michael Howard, what on Earth do you think you’re doing? April 2017

Assad may not be the culpritApril 2017

Trump is shooting at the wrong opponent April 2017

Why has May called a General Election? Probably the 2015 Election Fraud April 2017

In unwavering support of Mike Sivier May 2017

The paradox of Zionism May 2017

“Collusion between the CPS and the Tories”? Caution May 2017

Completing Churchill’s thought; vote for Corbyn May 2017

You think the NHS cyber-attack was a shock? Wait for this May 2017

About that Tory plant on Question Time – May 2017

BBC Complaints response May 2017

Still more (yes, sorry) about that complaint to the BBC May 2017

Laura Kuenssberg’s credibility-nosedive in a couple of pictures May 2017

Five stupid remarks from Paul Nuttall. Five responses May 2017

Taking stock of a fantastic week for Labour May 2017

The Tory campaign is in meltdown. Come on, Blue Labourites, time to get behind Corbyn May 2017

1996 and now: Two bombs and two worlds May 2017

The courage to say the unsayable lies with the left, not the right May 2017

What’s ‘monstrous’, Boris? May 2017

Abedi was probably not a member of Daesh May 2017

In the interests of political neutrality, please do not help proliferate this song May 2017

Thoughts on the Leadership ‘debate’ May 2017

New Yougov projection – HUNG PARLIAMENT May 2017

Theresa May or may not May 2017

Leaders Debate: How they did and how Theresa May did not June 2017

It never rains but it May pourJune 2017

One day to go and somehow I still fear the worstJune 2017

Theresa May is the laughing stock of Europe June 2017

In response to Salman Rushdie about the rift in the leftSeptember 2017

No Islam is not a race, but Islamophobia is racism September 2017

Schrödinger’s Labour Leader October 2017

Game over, Tories. Scrap the OBR November 2017

Compare Corbyn to Johnson, and there is NO comparison November 2017

If you say David Davis should now resign, you are thinking too small December 2017

“RESIGN!” December 2017


The knives are out again for May… handed to her rivals by Trump January 2018

The only thing worse than a Holocaust-Denier is a Holocaust-Manipulator February 2018

Why ‘Hard Brexit’ threatens war February 2018

The folly of the DUP March 2018

Rather than calling me a ‘Remoaner’, why not try setting a good ‘Brexample’? March 2018

“The EU needs us more than we need them!” No, not even close March 2018

Why do the Tories still have 37%? It may not be Labour’s fault, it may be the centre parties March 2018

Chris Leslie, Iain Duncan Smith, James O’Brien, all encouraging a culture of forced silence March 2018

More on the Russian Spy Poisoning – Corbyn’s questions are entirely proper March 2018

If “now is not the time” to discuss Russian infiltration of UK politics, should we send Sergei Skripal our “thoughts & prayers”? March 2018

False flag? No. But Theresa May is clearly hiding something March 2018

Hang on, BoJob! NOW you announce that the Russians have been stockpiling Novichoks? March 2018

Oh all right, let’s talk about that mural then March 2018

The anti-Semitism fantasy exposes the hollowness of British anti-racism – March 2018

The Land Day massacre in Gaza perfectly encapsulates the absurdity of the week in Britain (VIDEO) April 2018

I am a Jew who is hurt and angered on a level I have rarely experienced before April 2018

A Zionist helpfully explains why I am “the wrong kind of Jew” April 2018

Unconfirmed, but Foreign Correspondent of the Independent says ‘NO CHEMICAL WEAPONS USED IN DOUMA’   – April 2018

The Smeeth/Wadsworth dispute underlines why I still have a problem with ‘political correctness’April 2018

The crocodile tears on the Labour Right about racism should fool no oneApril 2018

Nick Ferrari is a vicious, petty piece-of-work, he really isApril 2018

Stop saying “the Jewish community” when you mean the Board of Deputies – May 2018

Repeal the 8th: Men of Ireland, you must voteMay 2018

A response to ‘Not Anti-Black, Anti-Africa’May 2018

The Board of Deputies have made it all-but-official: If you are not anti-Arab, you are automatically anti-SemiticJune 2018

What a gift from Trump to Kim Jong-UnJune 2018

Andrew Marr is USELESSJune 2018

Labour have a clear lead in the polls, the Tories are crumbling over Brexit. So of course, now is the time for another contrived anti-Semitism furoreJuly 2018

Open e-mail I have sent to James O’Brien regarding his association with racistsJuly 2018

Hurrah! I’ve been suspended by the Labour Party. I was wondering if they’d ever get around to itJuly 2018

Expel Luciana BergerJuly 2018

Oh, happy day! I’ve had a new pro-Zionist-anti-Semitic insult thrown at me – August 2018

Jewish Zionists now face a choice. Make the wrong one, and they become evidence of an ugly trope – August 2018

Suspend Margaret Hodge from the Labour Party at once – August 2018

Another complaint template – suspend all LAAS members from the Labour Party – August 2018

Well… this is an odd response from the Labour complaints team – August 2018

British Zionists themselves have discredited the IHRA definition – August 2018

It really isn’t easy to be a Jewish opponent of IsraelSeptember 2018

How flamin’ *stupid* are Zionist fanatics?September 2018

Suspend Jess Phillips MP with immediate effect – templateSeptember 2018

Suspend Joan Ryan from the Labour Party with immediate effect – templateSeptember 2018

Suspend Chuka Umunna from the Labour Party with immediate effect – templateSeptember 2018

BREAKING NEWS: Bomb threat against Jackie WalkerSeptember 2018

The threat of violence against the Left is growing. (TRIGGER WARNING – disturbing pictures)September 2018

Write to Jennie Formby – templateOctober 2018

It’s October 2018; this is where appalling diplomatic failings may come back to haunt the UKOctober 2018

The Khashoggi Saga highlights the double-standards in US (and British) foreign policyOctober 2018

A Zionist Israeli declares wish to interfere in other countries’ democratic processesOctober 2018

Minimum achieved for the Dems, but no more than thatNovember 2018

No sympathy for May from this direction – November 2018

Spain is making Brexit trouble over Gibraltar. Well, Tories, we did warn youNovember 2018

May’s charmed life continues, but you can sense the luck running outDecember 2018

Cheer up, Labour and other opposition parties – last night was PERFECT for youDecember 2018

What a clever move by Corbyn!December 2018

The real reason the smaller parties are pressuring Labour to table a Motion of No Confidence in the GovernmentDecember 2018

Careful , fellow lefties! We’re clearly not being politically correct enough for sensitive right wingers againDecember 2018


The Tories are cheating – againJanuary 2019

230 – wowJanuary 2019

Did no one explain to Gove what tonight’s debate was about?January 2019

Wavertree CLP responds to accusations of bullyingFebruary 2019

A few more Dead Hero revelationsFebruary 2019

It’s time to stop saying, “One is too many”February 2019

Look, is Luciana Berger “too-heavily pregnant” for politics or not?February 2019

Tory pick-up lines for St Valentine’s DayFebruary 2019

Well that was an impressive start, Chuka & coFebruary 2019

Suspend Tony Blair from the Labour Party with immediate effect – templateFebruary 2019

Another false anti-Semitism furore, this one nipped in the bud – March 2019

Suspend Siobhan McDonagh from the Labour Party with immediate effect – template – March 2019

Theresa May – the PriMINO – March 2019

Jackie Walker’s expulsion from Labour is a re-run of the Wadsworth stitch-up  – March 2019

JLM vote ‘no confidence’ in Jeremy Corbyn. But so what?April 2019

Anti-Semitism smears – “Get with the program!”April 2019

Libertarians /Anarchists demanding an end to taxes are looking for a fool’s savingMay 2019

Remember the chemical air attacks in Douma last year? There weren’t anyMay 2019

Even when she no longer has a job to hold onto, May cannot resist lying to make herself sound good at itMay 2019

Reaction to Alastair Campbell’s expulsion from Labour demonstrates how pathetically easily-led centrists areMay 2019

Pictures from the anti-Trump Demos, 3rd-4th June 2019 – Manchester & LondonJune 2019

The House of al-Saud at its repugnant worstJune 2019

A small tribute to Bernie SandersJune 2019

Boris Johnson is different to Theresa May, but not too different to make the same mistakesJuly 2019

Tom Watson is the epitome of ‘moral manoeuvrability’July 2019

The scouts give the BBC that ole’ sinkin’ feelin’…July 2019

POLL: I beg to move that this country has no confidence in Labour peers in the House of Lords.July 2019

POLL CLOSED: No Confidence in Labour Peers in the House of Lords confirmedJuly 2019

Gove: “Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster”? How quaintJuly 2019

Suspend Neil Coyle from the Labour Party with immediate effect – TEMPLATEJuly 2019

Zionists think their “For the many, not the Jew” catchphrase is clever. It isn’t  – August 2019

“Reversing Brexit will damage the credibility of democracy!” Folks, Brexit itself has already done thatSeptember 2019

Let’s clear up something about BoJob’s “new policy program”September 2019

“The Night of the Even Longer Knives”September 2019

There is one reason, and one reason alone, to be grateful for BrexitSeptember 2019

The ‘traitors’ are not those who oppose a No Deal. The traitors are its supportersSeptember 2019

The Tories are trying to win by acting too stupid to understand the contrary argumentSeptember 2019

BoJob, what the hell do you think you’re doing?September 2019

Could the Queen fire Boris Johnson?September 2019

Tuesday was one of the great days for British democracySeptember 2019

The ‘GnasherJew’ Twitter feed may be getting a bit too brazen for its own goodSeptember 2019

Boris Johnson’s proposal for the border in Ireland is either hazardous or hilariousOctober 2019

The most aggravating aspect of BrexitOctober 2019

A few words in defence of Chris WilliamsonOctober 2019

Eventful start to GE2019November 2019

Angela Smith could soon get her comeuppance, and she doesn’t like itNovember 2019

The mental contortions of Ian Austin are impressive, but wastedNovember 2019

Who cares what’s in the LibDems’ Manifesto? It is guaranteed to be meaninglessNovember 2019

Boris Johnson is making the same mistakes as Theresa May did in 2017November 2019

Time for Remainers to face facts as well. Voting for Jo Swinson is NOT going to stop BrexitNovember 2019

Who’s the ‘chicken’ really, Boris?  – November 2019

Okay, LibDems, so you will pursue your Manifesto policies by supporting a policy that is incompatible with your Manifesto policies…? Um, wut?  – November 2019

O’Brien, what have you even been looking at for the last three years?November 2019

Tories need to stop banging on about Diane Abbott’s brain-freeze, because their own maths mistakes are far worseDecember 2019

24 hours of Tory toxicityDecember 2019

One reason everyone should vote for Jeremy CorbynDecember 2019

Laura Kuenssberg, you’ve really overstepped this timeDecember 2019

Friday the 13th – a true horrorDecember 2019

“What is a General Election?”December 2019

If it’s any consolation…December 2019


The Witch Hunt may now have taken its heaviest possible priceFebruary 2020

‘Herd-Immunity’ is your answer, Johnson? Truly, the lunatic has taken over the asylumMarch 2020

What does suffering CoVid-19 feel like?March 2020

Here comes the usual Tory whining when getting told offMarch 2020

V was wrong. The last thing we want is Governments that are afraid of their people.March 2020

Illness update and thoughts on the new Labour leaderApril 2020

The US Government now seems resigned to a CoVid-19 disaster – April 2020

Am I pleased that Johnson is in intensive care? No. Am I upset that he is? NoApril 2020

George Osborne publishes and promotes anti-Semitic cartoon. Deathly silence from BoD and the mediaApril 2020

Trying very hard not to laugh hysterically at Stephen PollardApril 2020

A list of reasons to be very suspicious of Keir Starmer alreadyApril 2020

The Cult of BoJob (VIDEO)April 2020

Early thoughts on ‘The’ dossierApril 2020

More from ‘The’ dossierApril 2020

The Evening Standard responds to anti-Semitism complaint dismissivelyApril 2020

Who are the *Tories* to be self-righteous about politicising a disaster?April 2020

“Clap for the NHS?” Maybe this would be a better approach?April 2020

Urban myth: “Flu kills similar numbers to Covid-19.”  – May 2020

About Simon Clarke, MP; MP meaning “Misinformed Politician”June 2020

What Saturday’s chaos in London tells usJune 2020

Andrew Banks’ behaviour was appalling, but his sentence sums up an underlying problemJune 2020

Well done, Marcus Rashford. But what does this say about Keir Starmer?June 2020

An old economic myth put to bed once and for allJune 2020

Just say NO!June 2020

Well, so much for clapping for NHSJune 2020

Who outranks whom in the struggle against racism?June 2020

Yes, Long-Bailey has been stitched up, but I have little sympathyJune 2020

All this over a SONG? – excerptSeptember 2020

The Trumps have Covid-19? Pardon my tin-foil hat, but… – October 2020

Why did the US and the UK hide this testimony about the so-called ‘chemical weapons attack’ in Syria? – excerptOctober 2020

EHRC report response by Chris Williamson October 2020

All bets are off, centrists. No more of your emotional blackmail will be tolerated October 2020

Starmer is starting to remind me of Theresa May – VIDEO November 2020

Donald Trump offers remarkable new theory on possible Democrat corruption November 2020

In 2001, MPs asked why there was so little public engagement in politics. Irony? – excerpt November 2020

“Anti-Semite” is now just a swearword. Well I did warn youDecember 2020


Eighteen months of BoJob have showed up the big weakness of democracy – January 2021

You think Trump is being censored? Wow, I wish I was being censored the way he is – January 2021

Is Blair’s three-month second dose delay idea really so bad? Yes, I am afraid it is – January 2021

Is there any point in Impeaching Trump? Well, yes. Absolutely – January 2021

Collier is not even hiding his true intentions nowJanuary 2021

Imagine a dozen Hillsborough Disasters per day? There is no need to imagineJanuary 2021

#QQTStarmer is our chance to let Keir Starmer know what we think of himJanuary 2021

Starmer’s ‘chest-thumper’ plan is patronising in the extremeFebruary 2021

Michael Dugher mocks a recovering gambling addictFebruary 2021

Labour right wingers: You can’t keep doing things like this and expect the left to back youFebruary 2021

Well this tweet hath not aged like the finest Armagnac, hath it, Cheggers?February 2021

BBC, is this your idea of journalism?March 2021

BBCQT, are you having a laugh?March 2021

There is more than one way of looking at the violence in BristolMarch 2021

Developments in Bristol and Liverpool suggest we are entering a very dangerous timeMarch 2021

Nine years on from the Hillsborough Independent Panel, it is time to realise that no justice or reform will come from itMarch 2021

The flames of Northern Ireland; we saw them on the horizon three years agoApril 2021

Jeffrey Sachs gives us all a breath of fresh air! [Video]April 2021

Chauvin found guilty even as cops kill another innocentApril 2021

“But… Hamas keep firing rockets!” Ladies, gentlemen, here is ye Elephant-in-the-Room – May 2021

What’s worse? Shouting abuse, or deliberately hitting someone with a car?May 2021

By all means enjoy Netanyahu’s demise, but the real corruption of Israel will not fall with himJune 2021

Dan Hodges reinforces the right wing lie about fighting racismJuly 2021

Lockdown must resumeJuly 2021

Let’s give Emily Maitlis genuine kudosJuly 2021

Britain: A country that cannot say those Three Little WordsAugust 2021

Excuse me, anti-vaxxers? Why Television Centre?August 2021

Objections to refugees always rhymeAugust 2021

REBLOG and REBUTTAL of ‘BOMBSHELL UK data destroys entire premise for vaccine push’August 2021

Starmer & Evans’ destructiveness plumbs new depths as they shut down Young LabourAugust 2021

Oliver Kamm may be illegally smearing people behind their backs September 2021

The Energy Crisis: Is Brexit causing our problems? No. And yes September 2021

Reasons why the Met’s advice on being stopped by doubtful officers is stupidOctober 2021

Collier, didn’t you say your only concern as a ‘Labour member’ was anti-Semitism in the UK Labour Party? So why this bilge about Ireland? (VIDEO) – October 2021.

Je suis traffic coneOctober 2021

The Paterson lobbying sleaze epitomises the Westminster bubbleNovember 2021

BBC Panorama’s anti-Semitism hatchet job comprehensively debunked (VIDEO)November 2021

Nickerson’s ‘apology’ does not cut itNovember 2021

Jacob Rees-Mogg, in hot water over your financial affairs, are you? I have a suggestionNovember 2021

Boris Johnson: “Should I punish my fellow MPs for corruption to the tune of millions? No, let’s send people to prison for trying to save the world instead.”November 2021

Can you really not live on £82K per year, MPs? Let me helpNovember 2021

You say protesting Israeli crimes is a cover for anti-Semites. What difference does that make?November 2021

When will the right wisen up about the Channel crossings?November 2021

A Menorah ‘vandalised’? Sorry, not convinced – December 2021

No more “Tory-enabler” speeches, centrists. Starmer is the only Tory-enabler in townDecember 2021

The bitter irony of the Labour ‘Anti-Semitism’ hysteria is poised to make landfallDecember 2021

The Labour Right are not just wrong. They are insaneDecember 2021

Omicron does NOT produce ‘milder symptoms’ per se – December 2021


Happy New Year. Here’s a resolution everyone should makeJanuary 2022

What would bring Corbyn supporters to vote for Starmer, you ask? Pay attention then – January 2022

Ukraine: A few observations – February 2022

A No-Fly-Zone is not a good ideaMarch 2022

A confessionMay 2022

No. Do not let Johnson just ‘move on from this’May 2022

Enforced patriotism is fascism with its make-up on, Starmer – June 2022

Admit it, Starmerites, your hero let you down as much as he let down the RMT workersJune 2022

Orchestrated chaos – a week in ToryismJuly 2022

No, Tories, no no NO! This is so basic. You don’t cut taxes when you’re fighting inflation!July 2022

Wait. Not taking anti-Semitism accusations at face value is not anti-Semitic after all?July 2022

An open letter to the Forde InquiryJuly 2022

Forde Inquiry – prompt reply? Yes. Reply worth a damn? Not a chanceJuly 2022

What Ash Sarkar should have said to Mike ParryJuly 2022

The spitefulness of Keir Starmer takes some believingJuly 2022

Pictures from the Peterloo Massacre memorial event  – August 2022

Is any of this “grief” real?September 2022

How awful do you have to be to be out-moralled by Michael Fabricant? Ask Luciana Berger – October 2022

Let us call the Board of Deputies what they are; a self-appointed aristocracyOctober 2022

It is just as telling who ignores The Labour Files but did NOT feature in them – October 2022

Tories, will you grow a flipping skin?October 2022

Do you get the feeling that this is almost deliberate?October 2022

James Cleverly once again misnomers himself – October 2022

The Labour Civil War is over, and the Tory civil war has begun – November 2022

Well done, Zionists, you really said the quiet bit out loud this time (VIDEO)November 2022

Can we all now please accept that Zelenskyy is no hero? – November 2022

Baddiel has tripped up his own argument again – November 2022

Still Zionists attack while the media pretend they are defending – November 2022

Of course I support the strike. How could I not? – December 2022

What the Clarkson outrage tells us about The S*n and about Britain’s privileged class – December 2022


The ‘New IRA’ are talking war. Time to accept that Brexit was a mistake, and that Stormont Home Rule is not workingJanuary 2023

Nadim Zahawi dodging MORE tax than Lester Piggott?January 2023

Inflation may have ‘peaked’ apparently. This raises doubts about the wage-price spiralJanuary 2023

Zahawi gone – and that must be permanent January 2023

The Stephen Kapos controversy is an all-time low point for the Labour PartyFebruary 2023

Of course the Gary Lineker controversy mattersMarch 2023

Do not be fooled. The Israeli Government loves that three innocent Jewish women have been killed – April 2023


Alec ‘Modeski’s’ Downs Under column;-

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Miscellaneous Current Affairs Articles/Features by Naselus;-

Duh BNP Mannyfesto – July 2006

Bush War Syndrome – July 2006


The Nas Of The World column by Naselus;-

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Miscellaneous Reviews;-


Inside The Wire

A Very British Coup

Red Dwarf: Back To Earth Or Back To Season 8?

Re-thinking Back To The Future, or Why Marty McFly is really just a selfish troublemaker


Dr Who Reviews (New Series); –

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Episode 13 – Doomsday

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Blake’s 7 Reviews

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The Way Back.





Historical Analyses;-

National DK (Disunited Kingdoms)June 2004

The Roman YokeJuly 2004

Religion As A Tool Of StateFebruary 2005

Debunking ‘al-Qaeda’September 2005

The Noble Art Of Not Getting Conservation Quite RightAugust 2006

Understanding Guy FawkesNovember 2011

Sorry, Manchester United, You Haven’t Overtaken Liverpool Yet – May 2011

How Thatcher Embodied The Conservative Lie – April 2013

The Phobia Against Inflation And The Wrong Lessons Of The Weimar Republic – January 2015

More On Weimar: Let Us Be Clear What Really Caused Hyperinflation – September 2015

The Putsch & Brexit: History Rhymes – March 2017

Addressing the myth of ‘Old Labour’ – December 2017

Recalling ‘Black Wednesday’ – December 2017

Monday’s massacre has brought out the ignorance in British Israel sympathisersMay 2018

Please stop telling me that ‘anti-Semitism also means hostility to Arabs.’ IT DOESN’T June 2018

The demographic trap into which Israel has sealed itself June 2018

Stopping the IHRA definition is criticalAugust 2018

Union Carbide still in denial about the Bhopal Gas TragedyDecember 2018

How New Labour and the Clintonites helped to validate the Far RightJanuary 2019

What really caused the Great Inflation?February 2019

‘Peterloo’ – a film review August 2019

Auschwitz – my visit in picturesJuly 2020

(Football history.) Is it true that Everton is a Catholic club, and Liverpool is a Protestant club?September 2020

First Guy Fawkes, now Article 61? British history is getting AmericanisedDecember 2020

What is the real reason the USA, Europe and Britain keep defending Israel?March 2021

Starmer is doing everything wrong that Kinnock did wrong – May 2021

Why trying to map out history can be confusingSeptember 2021

50 British/Irish historical facts that will make you go, “Uuuhhhh?”November 2021


You think Israel is a hypocrite over Russia? You hardly know the half of it – March 2022

Why did Liverpool fans boo the National Anthem? Why would they not? – May 2022

Caption Competitions;-

August 2006

September 2006 pic 1 – – – September 2006 pic 2

October 2006

December 2007 pic 1 – – – December 2007 pic 2


Articles About The Hillsborough Disaster;-

The MythsFebruary 2011

Did Gate C Even Matter?February 2011

“I’m Entitled To My Opinion!” The Polite Man’s Ad HominemApril 2011

The Air Of Shock Should Itself Be Shocking – September 2012

Ticketlessness Was Not A Factor, And This Is How We Know – October 2012

Is Thatcher Guilty? And If So, What Of? – October 2012

More On Thatcher – That Quote That Never Goes Away – October 2012

What Exactly Is Sir Norman Bettison In Trouble For? – October 2012

Changing Statements – November 2012

Digging The Dirt – November 2012

A Brief Review Of ‘With Hope In Your Heart’January 2013

Whittle’s ClaimJanuary 2013

The Toppling GateApril 2013

Discursive Types – April 2013

Anne Williams – A Real World Heroine – April 2013

In Its Correct Historical ContextApril 2013

Meet A Silly Old Dear – May 2013

More On That Panorama Documentary – May 2013

Pushing & Shoving? What Pushing & Shoving? – May 2013

Lateness Caused The Disaster? Are You Serious? What Lateness There Was Saved Lives – September 2013

Pleeeeeease Stop Obsessing Over Norman Bleedin’ BettisonSeptember 2013

A Brief Review Of The Jimmy McGovern Docu-Drama From 1996 – September 2013

After A Year The Sun’s Apology Is Still Not Accepted – And Nor Should It Be – October 2013

The Institutional Guilt Lies Not Only With The PoliceOctober 2013

Where Was I?November 2013

The Crush Barrier: A Smoking Gun? – November 2013

The Name That Became A Moment – December 2013

Hillsborough, Heysel, Valley Parade & Ibrox: Why Are Stadium Disasters Always Prone To Urban Mythology? – December 2013

Oh, It’s The Drunken Fans Chestnut Again, Is It? Don’t Even Go ThereFebruary 2014

Whittle And AusterityMarch 2014

Forged Tickets? Only If You Think Star Wars Is A Documentary – March 2014

A Quick Vow Of Silence From Me – April 2014

A Riposte To A Whittle Implication – And A ChallengeAugust 2014

The Conspiracy On The Day – DebunkedSeptember 2014

Time To End The False Distinction – November 2014

Egypt Crowd Disaster: The Uncomfortably Familiar Echoes Of The PastFebruary 2015

What Might Have Happened Had The Tunnel Been Closed?March 2015

The Valley Parade Fire: Arson? – April 2015

“Wow! Duckenfield’s Apologised!” No Big Deal – May 2015

It Has Never Been About Liverpool, And None Of Those Affected Have Ever Said It Was – May 2015

Inquest AnswersJanuary 2016

To Lighten The Mood In South Yorkshire – A SkitApril 2016

Sumner’s Denial Of The Inquest Verdict Actually Proves It – May 2016

Ten Questions That Remain Unanswered – May 2016

Is Christopher Whittle the James Files Of The Hillsborough Disaster?August 2016

Why Bettison’s Book Is Unlikely To Offer Anything Of Value November 2016

You think ‘p*ssed’ was a typo? Well I don’t – December 2016

Hillsborough & UKIP – February 2017

Oh look, Whittle’s back, and he’s out to get me!March 2017

Major, in-depth update on Christopher Whittle’s legal action against me April 2017

Responding to Roger Alton April 2017

MacKenzie was never sorry, we always knew it and now he’s proved it April 2017

Let’s get Dalglish rightDecember 2017

So Duckenfield gets away with it. AgainNovember 2019

Not Justice for the 96, but some retribution for the cover-upJune 2021

UCL Final 2022: Echoes of Heysel, Echoes of Hillsborough – May 2022

Hillsborough, Simon Dobbin & Adam Stansfield all have what in common? – November 2022

The Leppings Lane end remains dangerous and Sheffield Wednesday fans must stop defending the indefensibleJanuary 2023

This police statement only adds to the worriesFebruary 2023

No, Manchester, the “Never your fault” chant *is* a Hillsborough chantApril 2023

Keep your Pinocchio-nose out of Hillsborough, StarmerApril 2023


Articles/Features by Mara Leverkuhn

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