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Current Affairs Articles/Features by HStorm;-

Finding A Pothole That Fits

It Couldn’t Get Worse Than Saddam. Could It?

He Only Got The Year Wrong – But Did He?

The Real Case For War

Pretty Straight Guff

Debunking ‘al-Qaeda’

Out Of Sight – Out Of Your Mind

The Divine Right-Of-Wings

Iraq Provides No Case Against Iran

Neocon = Nazi? It’s Not Just An Insult

The ‘Evils’ Of Appeasement

Beware – Obama Will Disappoint

You Can Follow Morality Or The Rules: You Can’t Follow Both

Why The Death Of bin Laden Stinks

The Laugh Of Triumph

A Cautious Defence (Of A Sort) Of The Indefensible

The Illogic Of The ‘No’ Campaign

The Creationist Dictionary

Odoni’s Fifteen Laws Of Creationism

The Five Big Reasons Why Austerity Has The Opposite Effect From The One George Osborne Expects

War-Mongering Will Always Stumble On Its Own Arrogance Eventually

Ladies & Gentlemen, Meet The Coalition Government

‘You Poor People Are Not Working Enough’ According To Men Living In Mansions

The Bedroom Tax  – An Appeal To The President Of The United States Of America

Vote For Petulance!

Britain – A Self-Harming Economy

Yes, The System Needs Changing, But It Won’t Just Change For You

If Patriotism Is A Virtue, The Daily Mail Is A Sinner

Mark Duggan: An Incomplete Inquest

No, Mr Cameron. It’s A Demotion All Right

Russian Leaders On A Broken-Down Train Joke: Rewritten For Leaders Of The British Conservative Party

“It’s politics, not science, driving climate mania: Why are environmentalists and scientists so reluctant to discuss long-term increases in southern hemisphere sea ice?”

Female-On-Male Abuse – A Joke I Do Not Wish To Tell

The British – They Bemoan The Status Quo, They Flinch From Change

Laughing At Jack Is Fair

Osborne & His Austerity Program Have Been A Total Failure, Not A Partial One. 

No No, Tories. A Plan That Works Is One Where The Outcomes Approximately Match The Aims

If Fear Is Truly Inseparable From Respect, Then – And Only Then – IDS Has My Respect

#CameronMustGo & The Nonsense Of Right Wing Political Correctness

The Autumn Statement – “Steady As She Runs Aground.”

If It Isn’t Osborne, It’s Oborne; No, The UK Will Not Go Bankrupt. EVER

Sometimes Sitting On The Fence Is More Dangerous Than A Leap

Taxes Give Us Freedom, They Don’t Take It Away

Tory Economic Recoveries… Even Briefer Than Tory Sex?

My Whippersnapper-style Profile

At Last – An Admission That Bankruptcy Is Not A National Issue

Congratulating Some People Can Hurt–Especially When It’s For Being A Sneaky Weasel

Human Lives Are Still Valued According To Where They Began

A Warning To Americans About Birmingham

What About That Debt We “Need To Pay”, Gideon?

Spare Us Your Emotional Blackmail, Labourites

Egyptian Crowd Disaster: The Uncomfortably Familiar Echoes Of The Past

An Open Letter: Oh The Shame! The Shame!

Just Time For A Quick Joke… Please Don’t Be Mad, ‘Kippers

If UKIP Really Want To Convince Us They’re Not Racists & Fools, This Is What They Should Do

Renewables Or Subsidy, It’s Still A Silly Climate-Denialist Question

David Cameron & The Primitive Instinct Thatcherites Need To Shake Off Quick

It’s Real, Isn’t It? The Tories Are Terrified Of Ed Miliband

Iain Duncan Smith: Surely He Can Be Prosecuted By Now

In A Democratic Process, You Are Supposed To Tell Us What Your Own Damned Budgets Are Before You Insult Someone Else’s

Leaders’ Debate: Did You Notice Cameron’s Slip?

It’s A Sad Look-Out For The Left When Labour Endorses The Telegraph & The Mail

Conservative ‘Morality’ – It Means ‘Wrong Things Are Only Wrong When They’re Bad For People Like Me’

Here’s A Better Way To Shut Katie Hopkins & Amy Childs Up

Politicised Adverts?

Austerity Is Not ‘Unnecessary’. It Is POISONOUS

“If We Tax The Rich, They’ll Leave And Take Their Money With Them!” Yeah? And?

An Implosion Once Started Almost Always Completes

Daily Mail Poised For More Stunning Revelations About Red Ed

The Valley Parade Fire; Arson?

“Don’t Call Us Racist! It’s Offensive!”

The Cameronite-Conservative Dictionary

GE2015: However The Poll Pans Out, Electoral Reform Must Return To The Agenda

GE 2015: Defying Analysis

A Slim Majority Means More Instability. Good News? No

Oh, Shut Up, Blair

If I Hear Just *One* More Blairite Bleating On About ‘Aspiration’…

Hey, BBC, How About You Let Us Hear From Someone From Labour Who Isn’t From The Red Tory Wing?


When Incentives Equal Stupidity, They Are Not Incentives Anymore

Gove On Crutches; Oh Please Tell Me No One’s Falling For This!

More On Gove’s PR Stunt

Why Are Labour So Scared, When Their Opponents Seem Permanently Terrified?

Insanity: A Summary Of Now

Zionists: Debating Tactics

Opinion Polls; The Questions Say More Than The Answers

“Nothing To Do With Me”, Did You Say, IDS? Well Then You’re Still In For The Chop

Many Commiserations On Your Unqualified Success

“How *Dare* ISIL Kill British Citizens! That’s *Our* Job!”

In Response To Chrissie Hynde: Here Is A Comprehensive List Of All The Circumstances In Which A Woman Is To Blame For A Rape

“We’ll Drop Bombs On You To Help You, But We Won’t Give You An Escape Route”

Did Littlejohn Really Say All That?

The Word “Defensive” Is Now Meaningless

Syrian Refugee Crisis: A Couple Of Rumours Corrected

#‎JezHeDid‬ – Maybe Miracles Do Happen. Or Is It Something More?

David Cameron: A New Model Stalin

Sorry, But The Media Really Are To Blame

Good Grief, Not That Analogy Again

The Mobile Phone; The Ultimate Treasure?

Have I Followed Alice Through The Looking Glass?

‘Islamic State’; The New Jesse James

England And Wales; You Have No Idea What You Have Set In Motion. Or What You Haven’t

Gideon, We Really Can’t Wait Until September For You To Respond

Do Us A Favour, Red Tories; Of Course It’s A Coup, Of Course It’s Been Planned

Words Are Changing Meaning Again; Now Democracy Means We Have To Shut Up

A Daring Prediction: New Labour Is Finished

Past Leaders Are Not A Path To The Future

You Are Mistaken, Prescott & Kinnock

Blair Must Be Impeached

Blair’s Denials Are Insulting

Angela Pigeon: A True Story

The ‘Ambiguity’ Explained

The NEC’s Second Ruling May Be Illegal

Eagle & Smith May Be Ineligible To Challenge Corbyn

Corbyn And Trump: Same Story, Different Ending?

Clearing up a little post-Brexit Myth

“Theresa the Appeaser?” No, she’s worse

Brexitopia: A Short Play

With friends like Trump & Farage

Corbyn’s best win yet highlights the shallowness of our media

A note of caution over the Westminster stabbing

More on the Westminster Attack

CLOSE THE BORDERS!!! The Westminster Attacker was from, er, Kent

Stop calling Khalid Masood a ‘Radical Islamist’. We do not yet know if he was

Brexit begins

“The Leave Campaigns didn’t lie about £350 million for the NHS!” Of course they did

Michael Howard, what on Earth do you think you’re doing?

Assad may not be the culprit

Trump is shooting at the wrong opponent

Why has May called a General Election? Probably the 2015 Election Fraud

In unwavering support of Mike Sivier

The paradox of Zionism

“Collusion between the CPS and the Tories”? Caution

Completing Churchill’s thought; vote for Corbyn

You think the NHS cyber-attack was a shock? Wait for this

About that Tory plant on Question Time

BBC Complaints response

Still more (yes, sorry) about that complaint to the BBC

Laura Kuenssberg’s credibility-nosedive in a couple of pictures

Five stupid remarks from Paul Nuttall. Five responses

Taking stock of a fantastic week for Labour

The Tory campaign is in meltdown. Come on, Blue Labourites, time to get behind Corbyn

1996 and now: Two bombs and two worlds

The courage to say the unsayable lies with the left, not the right

What’s ‘monstrous’, Boris?

Abedi was probably not a member of Daesh

In the interests of political neutrality, please do not help proliferate this song

Thoughts on the Leadership ‘debate’

New Yougov projection – HUNG PARLIAMENT

Theresa May or may not

Leaders Debate: How they did and how Theresa May did not

It never rains but it May pour

One day to go and somehow I still fear the worst

Theresa May is the laughing stock of Europe

In response to Salman Rushdie about the rift in the left

No Islam is not a race, but Islamophobia is racism

Schrödinger’s Labour Leader

Game over, Tories. Scrap the OBR

Compare Corbyn to Johnson, and there is NO comparison

If you say David Davis should now resign, you are thinking too small 


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Duh BNP Mannyfesto

Bush War Syndrome

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Inside The Wire

A Very British Coup

Red Dwarf: Back To Earth Or Back To Season 8?

Dr Who Reviews (New Series); –

Season 28

Episode 1 – New Earth

Episode 3 – School Reunion

Episode 4 – The Girl In The Fireplace


Episode 5 – Rise Of The Cybermen

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Episode 8 – Human Nature

Episode 9 – The Family Of Blood

Episode 10 – Blink

Episode 12 & 13 – The Sound Of Drums & Last Of The Time Lords


Blake’s 7 Reviews

Duel .


The Way Back.



Historical Analyses;-

National DK (Disunited Kingdoms)

The Roman Yoke

Religion As A Tool Of State

The Noble Art Of Not Getting Conservation Quite Right

Understanding Guy Fawkes

Sorry, Manchester United, You Haven’t Overtaken Liverpool Yet

How Thatcher Embodied The Conservative Lie

The Phobia Against Inflation And The Wrong Lessons Of The Weimar Republic

More On Weimar: Let Us Be Clear What Really Caused Hyperinflation

The Putsch & Brexit: History Rhymes

Addressing the myth of ‘Old Labour’

Recalling ‘Black Wednesday’

Caption Competitions;-

August 2006

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October 2006

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Articles About The Hillsborough Disaster;-

The Myths

Did Gate C Even Matter?

“I’m Entitled To My Opinion!” The Polite Man’s Ad Hominem

The Air Of Shock Should Itself Be Shocking

Ticketlessness Was Not A Factor, And This Is How We Know

Is Thatcher Guilty? And If So, What Of?

More On Thatcher – That Quote That Never Goes Away

What Exactly Is Sir Norman Bettison In Trouble For?

Changing Statements

Digging The Dirt

A Brief Review Of ‘With Hope In Your Heart’

Whittle’s Claim

The Toppling Gate

Discursive Types

Anne Williams – A Real World Heroine

In Its Correct Historical Context

Meet A Silly Old Dear

More On That Panorama Documentary

Pushing & Shoving? What Pushing & Shoving?

Lateness Caused The Disaster? Are You Serious? What Lateness There Was Saved Lives

Pleeeeeease Stop Obsessing Over Norman Bleedin’ Bettison

A Brief Review Of The Jimmy McGovern Docu-Drama From 1996

After A Year The Sun’s Apology Is Still Not Accepted – And Nor Should It Be

The Institutional Guilt Lies Not Only With The Police

Where Was I?

The Crush Barrier: A Smoking Gun?

The Name That Became A Moment

Hillsborough, Heysel, Valley Parade & Ibrox: Why Are Stadium Disasters Always Prone To Urban Mythology?

Oh, It’s The Drunken Fans Chestnut Again, Is It? Don’t Even Go There

Whittle And Austerity

Forged Tickets? Only If You Think Star Wars Is A Documentary

A Quick Vow Of Silence From Me

A Riposte To A Whittle Implication – And A Challenge

Egypt Crowd Disaster: The Uncomfortably Familiar Echoes Of The Past

The Valley Parade Fire: Arson?

The Conspiracy On The Day – Debunked

Time To End The False Distinction

“Wow! Duckenfield’s Apologised!” No Big Deal

What Might Have Happened Had The Tunnel Been Closed?

Inquest Answers

It Has Never Been About Liverpool, And None Of Those Affected Have Ever Said It Was

To Lighten The Mood In South Yorkshire – A Skit

Sumner’s Denial Of The Inquest Verdict Actually Proves It

Ten Questions That Remain Unanswered

Is Christopher Whittle the James Files Of The Hillsborough Disaster?

Why Bettison’s Book Is Unlikely To Offer Anything Of Value

You think ‘p*ssed’ was a typo? Well I don’t

Hillsborough & UKIP

Oh look, Whittle’s back, and he’s out to get me!

Major, in-depth update on Christopher Whittle’s legal action against me

Responding to Roger Alton

MacKenzie was never sorry, we always knew it and now he’s proved it