The ‘International Community’ – Politicalese For ‘My Gang’s Better Than Your Gang’September 2013. Analysing a spectacularly dull press conference given by Binyamin Netanyahu and John Kerry.

Zionists: Debating TacticsAugust 2015. When Max Blumenthal hosted a launch event in Manchester for his new book about The 51-Day War between Israel and Gaza, there was a nasty scene created by local Zionists. This is an eye-witness account of what happened.

In unwavering support of Mike Sivier May 2017. Vox Political writer Mike Sivier was smeared by the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism while standing in a local Council Election.

The paradox of Zionism May 2017. Discussing why international Zionism makes no coherent sense.

The only thing worse than a Holocaust-Denier is a Holocaust-Manipulator February 2018. Studying the ugly history of Zionists who use the horrors of the Nazi Holocaust as emotional blackmail to shout down criticism of modern Israel.

Oh all right, let’s talk about that mural then March 2018. Analysing the incredibly silly mass-hysteria about a supposedly ‘anti-Semitic’ wall mural that no longer even exists.

The anti-Semitism fantasy exposes the hollowness of British anti-racism – March 2018. A critique of people using the ridiculous furore about ‘anti-Semitism in the Labour Party’ in order to show off how ‘non-racist’ they are.

The Land Day massacre in Gaza perfectly encapsulates the absurdity of the week in Britain (VIDEO) April 2018. Yet another atrocity by Israel against the people of Gaza was met with thoroughly asinine reactions in the UK.

I am a Jew who is hurt and angered on a level I have rarely experienced before April 2018. How the weaponisation of anti-Semitism allegations is hurtful and exploitative of Jews, and are therefore anti-Semitic in themselves.

A Zionist helpfully explains why I am “the wrong kind of Jew” April 2018. An Israeli left a very derogatory remark on one of the articles on this blog in order to insult its author.

The Smeeth/Wadsworth dispute underlines why I still have a problem with ‘political correctness’April 2018. Analysing the long-running tussle between Labour Party campaigner Marc Wadsworth and the party’s National Executive Committee, who wrongly expelled him for supposed ‘anti-Semitic remarks’ about MP Ruth Smeeth.

The crocodile tears on the Labour Right about racism should fool no oneApril 2018. In a display of grotesque theatrics, right wing Labour MPs backed Ruth Smeeth in her moves to get Marc Wadsworth removed from the party on grounds of racism. But the general record of the Labour right on combating racial abuse against MPs is very selective at best.

Monday’s massacre has brought out the ignorance in British Israel sympathisersMay 2018. Britons who think they know the history of the struggle for Palestine are awfully quick to demonstrate that they do not, as their response to another massacre in Gaza shows.

Stop saying “the Jewish community” when you mean the Board of Deputies – May 2018. The Board of Jewish Deputies may claim to represent British Jews, but in reality, it represents only a very small proportion, and the media need to stop conflating the BOD with British Jews.

A response to ‘Not Anti-Black, Anti-Africa’May 2018. A rebuttal of a very silly and paranoid article written by a British Jew who feels persecuted by criticisms of Israel.

The Board of Deputies have made it all-but-official: If you are not anti-Arab, you are automatically anti-SemiticJune 2018. The Board of Jewish Deputies make an absurd declaration that any support for Palestinians can only be anti-Semitism.

Please stop telling me that ‘anti-Semitism also means hostility to Arabs.’ IT DOESN’T June 2018. It is frequently argued that anti-Semitism refers to hostility to all peoples from the lands east of the Mediterranean. However, it does not, and this article explains the history of the term.

The demographic trap into which Israel has sealed itself June 2018. Explaining the bloody history of modern Israel, and the real, seldom-stated, demographic reasons why the Jerusalem Government pursues such harsh policies against the Palestinians.

Labour have a clear lead in the polls, the Tories are crumbling over Brexit. So of course, now is the time for another contrived anti-Semitism furoreJuly 2018. Ever noticed how, every time Labour is moving ahead in the opinion polls, the right wing of the party immediately start kicking up another fuss about would-be ‘anti-Semitism’?

Open e-mail I have sent to James O’Brien regarding his association with racistsJuly 2018. James O’Brien of LBC Radio is throwing stones in glass houses if he wants to keep condemning the Labour leader for would-be association with racists. O’Brien, after all, has shared a radio station with Nigel Farage and Katie Hopkins.

Hurrah! I’ve been suspended by the Labour Party. I was wondering if they’d ever get around to itJuly 2018. Martin Odoni – a Jew – is suspended by the Labour Party on grounds of anti-Semitism. Could the hysteria get any more ridiculous?

Expel Luciana BergerJuly 2018. MP Luciana Berger committed an act of crude McCarthyism on live radio that might have endangered fair investigations into two Labour Party members accused of anti-Semitism (both later cleared).

Oh, happy day! I’ve had a new pro-Zionist-anti-Semitic insult thrown at me – August 2018. Another example of Zionist slurs is hurled at the blog’s author, this time by the notorious bullying bigot, Jonathan Hoffman.

Jewish Zionists now face a choice. Make the wrong one, and they become evidence of an ugly trope – August 2018. Binyamin Netanyahu committed a blunder when criticising Jeremy Corbyn for something he did not even do. In doing so, he put Anglo-Jewish Zionists in a very difficult position.

Suspend Margaret Hodge from the Labour Party at once – August 2018. Template for sending complaint e-mails to the Labour Party, in response to the appallingly hyperbolic and grossly offensive behaviour of MP Margaret Hodge.

Another complaint template – suspend all LAAS members from the Labour Party – August 2018. Template for sending complaint e-mails to the Labour Party, in response to the group, Labour Against Anti-Semitism, illegally doxing other party members.

Well… this is an odd response from the Labour complaints team – August 2018. Sharing a response e-mail received from the Labour complaints team, which does not appear to respond to the complaint submitted.

British Zionists themselves have discredited the IHRA definition – August 2018. Why Zionist behaviour has so saturated the definition of ‘anti-Semitism’ that it is starting to mean all sorts of things that are not especially bad.

It really isn’t easy to be a Jewish opponent of IsraelSeptember 2018. Explaining why Jews who oppose Israel and Zionism have a pretty unpleasant time of it from both Zionists and anti-Semites.

How flamin’ *stupid* are Zionist fanatics?September 2018. Racist author David Collier gives some handy free advertising for this blog in a thoroughly dim-witted attempt to discredit it.

Suspend Jess Phillips MP with immediate effect – templateSeptember 2018. Template for sending complaint e-mails to the Labour Party, in response to Jess Phillips making remarks about Israel that a left-wing party member would be expelled for making.

Suspend Joan Ryan from the Labour Party with immediate effect – templateSeptember 2018. Template for sending complaint e-mails to the Labour Party, in response to her childish and McCarthyite public remarks against a vote of no confidence in her by her CLP.

BREAKING NEWS: Bomb threat against Jackie Walker filmSeptember 2018. A bomb-threat was made at a fringe event at the Labour Party Conference in Liverpool. Despite the deceitful wording used in the media to announce it, the threat was actually made against a party activist who is under threat of expulsion for (fake) anti-Semitism, and was almost certainly made by Zionists.

The threat of violence against the Left is growing. (TRIGGER WARNING – disturbing pictures)September 2018. A second bomb-threat was made at another fringe event at the Labour Party Conference in Liverpool, at which blog-writer Martin Odoni was present in person. As the subject of the meeting was Israel/Palestine, it again seems incontrovertible that the threat was made by Zionists. Other acts of physical aggression against the British left are described.

A Zionist Israeli declares wish to interfere in other countries’ democratic processesOctober 2018. Rebutting a crude hatchet-job by Austro-Israeli Zionist, Manfred Gerstenfeld, written against the leader of the UK Labour Party, and drawing attention to the disturbing tendency of Israeli Zionists to think that they have a right to interfere in the democratic processes of other countries.

Wavertree CLP responds to accusations of bullyingFebruary 2019. The CLP of Wavertree are moving to vote No Confidence in their MP, Luciana Berger. They have been falsely accused of ‘anti-Semitic bullying’. This is their response – published here as the mainstream media look very unlikely to draw any attention to it.

It’s time to stop saying, “One is too many”February 2019. The saying, “Even one anti-Semite is too many” is perfectly true, but it is being exploited to keep the hysteria about Labour anti-Semitism alive, even when it has been established that the number of members who are guilty is absolutely trifling.

Look, is Luciana Berger “too-heavily pregnant” for politics or not? – February 2019. Analysing the deceitful way that Luciana Berger, heavily-pregnant in the New Year of 2019, expolits her condition to silence her critics, but continues to campaign to undermine her own party while in said condition. She is demanding a one-way ceasefire on grounds that contradict her privilege of firing.

Another false anti-Semitism furore, this one nipped in the budMarch 2019. A former council leader for Camden misrepresents the reasons why delegates for the Jewish Labour Movement were barred from attending a CLP’s Annual General Meeting.

Jackie Walker’s expulsion from Labour is a re-run of the Wadsworth stitch-up  – March 2019. A prominent Black-Jewish Labour Party activist has been expelled from the Labour Party on contrived charges of ‘anti-Semitism, in a series of events that ‘rhyme’ with the expulsion of Marc Wadsworth.

JLM vote ‘no confidence’ in Jeremy Corbyn. But so what?April 2019. The Jewish Labour Movement have voted no confidence in the Labour Party leader, but in the cold light of day, it is difficult to see why this is viewed as a big deal.

Anti-Semitism smears – “Get with the program!”April 2019. Rumours circulate that yet another round of right wing anti-Semitism smears against the Labour left is imminent, but Corbyn supporters should just take it in their stride.

Rabbi Zvi Solomons – the cheapest Zionist around  – April 2019. A prominent Zionist Rabbi has manipulated in the most preposterous and insensitve way a series of bombing attacks in order to condemn Jeremy Corbyn.

Tom Watson is the epitome of ‘moral manoeuvrability’July 2019. The BBC documentary series, Panorama, did a hatchet-job on the Labour Party. The party’s Deputy Leader, Tom Watson, determined to keep the anti-Semitism narrative alive, has accepted every word of the documentary uncritically, and used it as a pretext to attack the General Secretary.

Zionists think their “For the many, not the Jew” catchphrase is clever. It isn’t  – August 2019. British Zionists frequently mangle a popular Labour Party slogan in the belief they are pushing back against anti-Semitism, when in fact, they are encouraging more of it.

The ‘GnasherJew’ Twitter feed may be getting a bit too brazen for its own goodSeptember 2019. A notorious smear-feed run by Anglo-Zionist Imperialists on Twitter is more or less openly declaring its own criminal intentions.

A few words in defence of Chris WilliamsonOctober 2019. Debunking a smear by the right wing of the Labour Party against Chris Williamson, and criticising Jeremy Corbyn for his poor handling of the anti-Semitism witch-hunt.

The mental contortions of Ian Austin are impressive, but wastedNovember 2019. Ian Austin MP has spent over three years acting on behalf of the Israeli Lobby to undermine Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader, But as the UK enters a General Election period, Austin’s hysterical attacks are descending into ineffectual farce.

O’Brien, what have you even been looking at for the last three years?  – November 2019. James O’Brien of LBC Radio received a call on his phone-in show from a Zionist trying to scare-monger about Jeremy Corbyn in the crudest manner imaginable. Were O’Brien able to regard this subject critically, he might have realised that this sort of mindless Zionist mud-slinging is not exactly untypical.

“What is a General Election?”December 2019. Imagine an alien came to Earth and asked you to explain how racism furores played out in the 2019 General Election. What would they think?

The Witch Hunt may now have taken its heaviest possible price – February 2020. A Labour member, just days after the shock of receiving a suspension letter over accusations of ‘anti-Semitism’ has been found dead at her home in Manchester.

George Osborne publishes and promotes anti-Semitic cartoon. Deathly silence from BoD and the mediaApril 2020. An obviously anti-Semitic caricature of Ed Miliband appears in a right-wing newspaper to be greeted by loud, bitter and much-offended howls of protest from absolutely no self-proclaimed ‘Jewish organisations’ aligned with the Israeli Government at all.

Trying very hard not to laugh hysterically at Stephen PollardApril 2020. The extremist UK Zionist propaganda publication, The Jewish Chronicle, has gone bust.

The Evening Standard responds to anti-Semitism complaint dismissivelyApril 2020. The Evening Standard is dismissive of complaints about the aforementioned cartoon caricature of Ed Miliband, but in so doing, it demonstrates exactly the argument against the whole controversy about ‘anti-Semitism-in-the-Labour-Party.’

This dossier MUST be published – April 2020. News of a compilation of evidence of anti-Semitism from Labour Party files being leaked to the media is circulating. To establish the truth of the scale of the problem within the party, it must be published.

Early thoughts on ‘The’ dossier – April 2020. Initial response to the comprehensive dossier of ‘evidence’ on anti-Semitism in the Labour Party that demonstrates how low the real level of racism was in the party under Jeremy Corbyn.

More from ‘the’ dossier – April 2020. Continuing analysis of the leaked Labour dossier on anti-Semitism as above. In particular, analysis of the appendices that show that, despite the relentless uproar, the number of members involved was absolutely trifling.

Who outranks whom in the struggle against racism?June 2020. In 1975, the United Nations ruled that Zionism is a form of racial discrimination. The IHRA in the modern era assert that the very suggestion is anti-Semitic. Do the IHRA have jurisdiction ahead of the UN?

Yes, Long-Bailey has been stitched up, but I have little sympathyJune 2020. Rebecca Long-Bailey has been fired from the Labour Shadow Cabinet by Keir Starmer for very weak, contrived reasons connected with Israel. Nonetheless, Long-Bailey has simply reaped what she sowed.

Auschwitz – my visit in picturesJuly 2020. Martin Odoni visited the notorious former Nazi extermination camp in Poland in July 2018, and here shares photographs and thoughts from his experience there.

EHRC report response by Chris WilliamsonOctober 2020. Former MP Chris Williamson, one of the most prominent victims of Zionist smearing, is formally cleared of the misdeeds the Labour Party have accused him of, by the Equality & Human Rights Commission. Here he responds to his exoneration.

All bets are off, centrists. No more of your emotional blackmail will be tolerated October 2020. The pointless and spiteful decision of the Labour Party to suspend Jeremy Corbyn’s membership, for pointing out that the scale of ‘anti-Semitic’ behaviour in the party has been grossly exaggerated, means no leftist should ever allow themselves to be manipulated into offering solidarity to the centrists again.

Starmer is starting to remind me of Theresa May – VIDEONovember 2020. With the discovery that Jeremy Corbyn, like other suspended/expelled leftists before him, only found out about his suspension from the party through the media, a pervading air of contemptible cowardice now surrounds his successor as party leader, Keir Starmer.

“Anti-Semite” is now just a swearword. Well I did warn youDecember 2020. The criminal misuse of “anti-Semite” as a highly-charged insult has diminished the term’s meaning. It no longer means anything specific like hatred of Jews, but now just seems to have become a general expression of dislike.

Collier is not even hiding his true intentions nowJanuary 2021. David Collier is no longer even bothering with the pretext of “fighting anti-Semitism” when persecuting Palestinian supporters.

What is the real reason the USA, Europe and Britain keep defending Israel?March 2021. Exploring the historic geopolitical and strategic reasons behind the West’s unceasing support for Israel, no matter what atrocities it commits against the Palestinians.

“But… Hamas keep firing rockets!” Ladies, gentlemen, here is ye Elephant-in-the-Room – May 2021. Exploding (no pun intended) the myth that the missile threat posed by Palestinians towards Israelis is similar to the threat the other way.

What’s worse? Shouting abuse, or deliberately hitting someone with a car?May 2021. Reaction to people shouting anti-Semitic abuse has been bewilderingly louder in the media than the reaction to someone deliberately driving a car into a crowd of pro-Palestinian protesters.

By all means enjoy Netanyahu’s demise, but the real corruption of Israel will not fall with himJune 2021. Twelve years of rule over Israel by Benjamin Netanyahu is poised to come to an end with the formation of a new coalition that excludes him. This could also lead him to being prosecuted under corruption laws. But his demise will not in any way lead to the demise of Zionism.

Collier, didn’t you say your only concern as a ‘Labour member’ was anti-Semitism in the UK Labour Party? So why this bilge about Ireland? (VIDEO) – October 2021. David Collier, the ‘journalist’ who poses as an academic to give the Zionist movement a veneer of intellectual credibility, has written a hatchet job on Irish politics and supposed ‘anti-Semitism’ all over the scene. The problem is that his reasons for not fighting Tory anti-Semitism are completely at odds with his position on fighting Irish anti-Semitism.

BBC Panorama’s anti-Semitism hatchet job comprehensively debunked (VIDEO) – November 2021. In 2019, the BBC broadcast a notorious Panorama documentary, Is Labour anti-Semitic?, created by the racist right wing pseudo-journalist, John Ware. Indymedia Productions, a collaboration of left wing media groups, have published a video debunking Ware’s lies and distortions.

You say protesting Israeli crimes is a cover for anti-Semites. What difference does that make?November 2021. It is true that some pro-Palestine protesters are using Israeli crimes as a pretext for anti-Semitic behaviour. But they are a minority, and their ulterior motive makes no practical difference to whether their protests are correct.

A Menorah ‘vandalised’? Sorry, not convinced – December 2021. The Primrose Hill Chanukia was found damaged on the morning after a hurricane hit the UK. It is demonstrative of how badly the UK Jewish population have been scaremongered over the last five years that most of them have just assumed it to be anti-Semitic vandalism, and not damage caused by the storm.

The bitter irony of the Labour ‘Anti-Semitism’ hysteria is poised to make landfall – December 2021. At the 2019 General Election, out of paranoid fear of the left, many British Jews helped elect an ultra-nationalist right wing Government. Legislation that Government is now putting through is making it far likelier for the terrifying future Jewish groups feared under Jeremy Corbyn to come true under Boris Johnson.


You think Israel is a hypocrite over Russia? You hardly know the half of itMarch 2022. Israel has chosen to get involved on the logistics side in the war between Ukraine and Russia. Its support for Ukraine against Russian imperialism is incredibly rich, given Israel’s colonisation of Palestine, and given that the Jewish claim to Palestine is barely distinguishable from Russia’s historic ownership of Ukraine.

An open letter to the Forde InquiryJuly 2022. The long-delayed Forde Report largely vindicates the left non-acceptance of the narrative about ‘anti-Semitism’ being widespread in the Labour Party. However, it also has some serious omissions and a very cowardly tendency to ‘both sides’ the long-running conflict in the party.

Forde Inquiry – prompt reply? Yes. Reply worth a damn? Not a chance – July 2022. A swift but far from detailed response from the Forde Inquiry to the above open letter suggests that the investigation was carried out with self-preservation in mind rather than objectivity.

Wait. Not taking anti-Semitism accusations at face value is not anti-Semitic after all?July 2022. The alliance between the UK Zionist Lobby and the Labour Right has come to an embittered end, with Margaret Hodge, of all people, actually daring to complain that the Campaign Against AntiSemitism is using the prejdudice as a front for attacking the Labour Party. This is true, but a 180-degree reversal of her previous position.

Let us call the Board of Deputies what they are; a self-appointed aristocracyOctober 2022. Debunking the media narrative that the British Board of Jewish Deputies represents the majority of Jewish Britons.

It is just as telling who ignores The Labour Files but did NOT feature in themOctober 2022. Al-Jazeera has released The Labour Files, a series of documentaries exposing the five-year smear campaign in the Labour Party against the left wing. The Tories have remained very quiet about these films, which would suggest that they are implicated in the smear campaign as well.

Palestine did exist, no matter how Zionists quibble over terminologyOctober 2022. Zionists love to spread the myth that Palestine was never real. But even if it was never a country in a technical sense, it was still a people, a culture and a regional society, all forcibly removed from their home. That is all that matters.

Well done, Zionists, you really said the quiet bit out loud this time (VIDEO)November 2022. The extreme right wing ‘Jewish Power Party’ (Otzma Yehudit) have joined a governing coalition in the Knesset, under the restored premiership of Binyamin Netanyahu. The consequences of their legitimisation could be dire.

Baddiel has tripped up his own argument againNovember 2022. David Baddiel, a Jewish comedian with a history of racist behaviour, is seemingly trying to improve his public profile by apologising to a footballer he once racially caricatured. However, his attempt has only served to damage the credibility of his wider campaign to prove that “Jews don’t count.”

Still Zionists attack while the media pretend they are defendingNovember 2022. The latest atrocity Israel has inflicted on Palestine – the destruction of a school in the West Bank – has led to fresh online arguments, with yet more examples of seriously aggressive behaviour by Zionists use to bully critics into silence.


The Stephen Kapos controversy is an all-new low point for the Labour PartyJanuary 2023. The Labour Party has attempted to bully a survivor of the Holocaust out of speaking at events run by groups arbitrarily proscribed by the party machine. They did this in the name of combating anti-Semitism, a moral and intellectually bankrupt position that has let Labour plumb new depths of absurdity.

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