All the articles on this site relating chiefly to the global pandemic that caused such chaos in the year 2020 are posted here.

‘Herd-Immunity’ is your answer, Johnson? Truly, the lunatic has taken over the asylumMarch 2020. Martin Odoni shares his shock at the near-eugenicist strategy initially adopted by the British Government in order to combat CoVid-19.

What does suffering CoVid-19 feel like?March 2020. After contracting the virus, Martin Odoni reveals his experience of the first few days of CoVid-19 fever.

Here comes the usual Tory whining when getting told offMarch 2020. A rundown and castigation of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s dreadful mishandling of the pandemic before and after its arrival in the UK.

V was wrong. The last thing we want is Governments that are afraid of their people.March 2020. With Parliament handing Boris Johnson extreme emergency powers for the duration of the pandemic, a clear sign of establishment fear, we can analyse the old saying that “Governments should be afraid of their people.” Is that really a good idea?

Vitamin C— Dramatic Immune System Help against Coronavirus That No One Talks AboutMarch 2020. Mara Leverkuhn reports research from her native Romania that suggests an increased intake of vitamin C may help fight the Coronavirus.

Illness update  and thoughts on the new Labour leaderApril 2020. Martin Odoni discusses his recovery from the virus, and the election of a new leader of the Labour Party.

The US Government now seems resigned to a CoVid-19 disasterApril 2020. A disturbing order placed by the Pentagon for over 100,000 body-bags, and Donald Trump’s stubborn attempts to promote a quack medicine, would seem to indicate that the US Government has given up trying to prevent the epidemic from becoming an outright disaster.

Am I pleased that Johnson is in intensive care? No. Am I upset that he is? No.April 2020. With the news that the UK Prime Minister has been moved into intensive care with CoVid-19 fever, Martin Odoni reflects on the reactions of different groups to the news.

Trying very hard not to laugh hysterically at Stephen PollardApril 2020. The pandemic is taking such a heavy toll on British industry that the extremist UK Zionist propaganda publication, The Jewish Chronicle, has gone bust. And the position of this blog on that development is… good riddance.

The Cult of BoJob (VIDEO)April 2020. Less than a year into the job as Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has caused a Constitutional crisis and now, exacerbated the deadly Coronavirus pandemic. And yet, somehow only a relatively small proportion of the British population have perceived his failings. Others, including the media, are turning into a blind cult.

Who are the *Tories* to be self-righteous about politicising a disaster?  – April 2020. Tories on social media have a problem with critics of the Government response to the pandemic, on the grounds of them ‘point-scoring politically’. This accusation is both untrue, and, judging by general Tory history, a pretty rich one as well.

“Clap for the NHS?” Maybe this would be a better approach?April 2020. The pattern of applauding front-line services every Thursday during the lockdown is all very sweet, but there are much more practical things we could do instead.

Urban myth: “Flu kills similar numbers to Covid-19.”  – May 2020. Debunking the notion that the Coronavirus is no deadlier than a typical seasonal flu.

The Trumps have CoVid-19? Pardon my tin-foil hat, but…October 2020. A suspiciously-timed announcement that the US President and his wife have contracted the virus is convenient to Trump’s re-election campaign.


Is Blair’s three-month second dose delay idea really so bad? Yes, I am afraid it isJanuary 2021. Analysing the mindless decision of the Government to take on former Prime Minister Tony Blair as an advisor on the pandemic, a man who has no medical expertise at all.

Imagine a dozen Hillsborough Disasters per day? There is no need to imagineJanuary 2021. The UK death-rate from Covid-19 early in the New Year of 2021 is the equivalent of a Hillsborough Disaster happening every two hours. Why is the country’s reaction to these developments so comatose?

Britain: A country that cannot say those Three Little Words – August 2021. A lengthy treatise reflecting on the sorry state of the UK, both as a union of nations, and as a general place to live, in the light of Austerity, Brexit, and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Excuse me, anti-vaxxers? Why Television Centre? – August 2021. Covid-‘skeptics’ and anti-vaccination campaigners tried to protest the BBC coverage of the pandemic – at a site the BBC have not occupied for eight years.

REBLOG and REBUTTAL of ‘BOMBSHELL UK data destroys entire premise for vaccine push’August 2021. Rebutting an anti-vaxx blogpost that claims people who have been vaccinated twice and still catch the Delta variant of SARS-Cov2 are likelier to die than those who have only been vaccinated once.

Omicron does NOT produce ‘milder symptoms’ per se – December 2021. Studies by the Imperial College London have raised serious doubts about the widely-held assumption that the new ‘Omicron’ variant of SARS-Cov2 produces ‘milder’ symptoms in its victims than earlier strains.


Covid restrictions are all removed. Covid hospitalisations are surging. Apparently this is a ‘mystery’ – March 2022. Entirely predictably, the removal of all lockdown restrictions has coincided with a surge in Covid hospitalisations in England. The public pretence about this is that there is no explanation, when it is quite clear that the one has caused the other.

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