Simon Maginn analyses the curious, Tommy-Robinson-like claims of David Baddiel, on national television and in national newspapers, and over the internet and in his much-quoted, much-reviewed and mass-circulated new book, that he and his fellow Jews are being ‘silenced’.

Baddiel-me-this, Baddiel-me-that, Who’s afraid of this big Baddiel tat?

A new and exciting development this week in the Great Smearing War, as a wholly novel epistemological category is introduced to delight a jaded and weary populace, that of the ‘probably true’.

Because ‘true’ — well who has time for that anymore? True is over now this dazzling and innovative newcomer has arrived. Thanks for all the facts and everything, true, but your audience has moved on, your book is remaindered and your tour cancelled with reports of low ticket sales.

Unlike the energetic media presence that is David Baddiel, whose book is not remaindered and whose media tour is not cancelled, quite the opposite. In fact, it’s been difficult to move this week without tripping over some media reference to Mr Baddiel, whose message is that he has been silenced. SILENCED! The reverberations of this silencing are ringing in my ears as I write. The silencing of Mr Baddiel has been so complete and effective that he has been forced to appear on TV a great many times, in a heroic and selfless attempt to break the silence about his new book (which is about being silenced).

But what has this to do with the developments in epistemology promised above….?