by Martin Odoni

The release of The Labour Files documentaries by Al-Jazeera was perhaps a victim of unlucky timing. The Middle Eastern news network deliberately timed their initial broadcast to coincide with the Labour Party Conference, but the Tories managed to hand yet another gift to the Labour Right by causing a massive financial crisis a couple of days earlier. All the loud hysterics in the media over the plummeting pound and the total imbalance Kwasi Kwarteng was about to create in the economy drowned out everything else in the headlines. It also gave the Labour Right a lot of new impetus and allowed them to make Conference all about Tory economic damage.

How kind of the Tories. That sort of thing really makes you wonder…

The episodes

In case you have yet to see The Labour Files, and its efficient exposure of the Labour conspiracy and dirty tricks to undermine Jeremy Corbyn and the left, here are the links; –

Part 1 The Purge

Episode 1: The Purge

Part 2 The Crisis

Episode 2: The Crisis

Part 3 The Hierarchy

Episode 3: The Hierarchy

Part 4 The Spying Game

Episode 4: The Spying Game

These films, in conjunction with The Forde Report, the Labour smear campaign against its own left wing is now an all-but-open secret

The universal deafening silence

But what makes one even more suspicious about the Establishment non-reaction to The Labour Files is how it has been completely across-the-board. Many of us have spent the last couple of weeks expressing our total disgust at the Labour Party and the media for their attempts to prevent fall-out from the documentaries by just ignoring them away. And how rightly we are disgusted. A few outliers in the media have tried to express ‘shock’ at the revelations (most of which had of course been revealed when they were still current). A few others have tried the cheap ‘genetic fallacy’ of dismissing the documentaries without even seeing them, entirely on the grounds of, “Well, it’s Al-Jazeera, they’re biased, innit?” as though that somehow differentiates them from any other media broadcaster.

But whatever individual journalists might risk briefly dipping the odd toe in the waters of The Scam, the official bodies they represent remain guiltily quiet.

George Monbiot pretends to be shocked when everything hundreds and hundreds of people told him for years had been happening turns out to have happened, and begs for someone to tell him that none of it is real

Silence is incriminating

On that score, the silence may be maddening, but I do see reason for encouragement in it. If you think about it, silence in these situations is always guilty. It is a very weak strategy, as it leaves the floor open to those who wish to discuss the matter. History shows it to be dangerous; King Richard III was completely silent about the disappearance of the Princes In The Tower in 1483. Instead of just marching the two boys through the streets of London to curtail whispers that they had been done in, Richard just would not be drawn on the subject, and so the whispers just spread further and further and grew louder and led to a new Lancastrian rebellion. Richard, who on balance probably did have the Princes murdered, got his comeuppance at Bosworth Field just two years later.

The silence is the confession; if the Labour Party had been falsely accused by the documentaries, if John Ware and the Panorama crew had been smeared by the allegation of smearing, they would not only be on the loudest platform they could find denying guilt, they would also be getting ready to sue Al-Jazeera to smithereens. But they have nothing, so they clam up and hope no one says anything that could be used in a court.

In short, the Smear Campaigners across all sorts of different groups within the Establishment, including in the Labour Party, are only resorting to the silent treatment because it is the sole tactic available, not because it is a good one.

Keep pushing. They are scared and they are vulnerable, and they will break eventually

Where silence makes no sense

What I find more noticeable and concerning is who was supposedly not involved in The Scam, but is also remaining stubbornly silent about it. By which I mean the other political parties, most particularly the Conservatives.

I have seen some Starmerite Labour supporters on Twitter try to claim that The Labour Files films are just dirty propaganda, probably created by the Tories themselves (what?! Why would the Tories be working with Al-Jazeera?!) to weaken Labour just as they are doing really well in the opinion polls. Now, anyone with their wits about them over the last seven years will already know that this is nonsense, and that the details in the films are all very substantially true. But even anyone who did not realise this should still have no trouble recognising that the Tories have had nothing to do with making the films. The reason is obvious; –

The Tories have been as quiet about The Labour Files as the BBC and the Labour Party.

Still waiting for Rachel to get back to me about that……

Come on, centrists, just for once, think for yourselves, and stop just quoting The Blairite Manual of The Range Of Acceptable Party Member Thought, by Mandelson, P. If this were all a dirty Tory trick, the Conservatives would have leapt on it from the day of broadcast, and used it as loudly and as frequently as possible to distract from the complete blancmange Kwarteng’s mini-budget almost made of the pound.

Same with the Liberal Democrats, same with the Scottish National Party, same with the Green Party, same with Plaid Cymru, same with what is left of The Brexit Party, UKIP, and the Northern Irish parties. They are all quiet as mice about it.

Recalling the early days of The Scam

This takes me back to shortly after Jeremy Corbyn became Labour leader, which was the trigger for The Scam to begin. David Cameron was still Prime Minister, and had called a debate in the House Of Commons over intervening in the Syrian Civil War. One of the ‘big’ moments of the debate was a speech by then-Shadow Foreign Secretary Hilary Benn in favour of airstrikes against Islamic State (‘Daesh’) and the Bashar al-Assad regime. Benn’s position was completely opposed to that of Corbyn, and almost certainly to the one his late father Tony would have adopted. (How disgustingly far that particular apple fell from the tree.)

One moment that chilled me was shortly after Benn had finished speaking was his opposite number, Philip Hammond, congratulating him on “one of the greatest speeches” in the history of Parliament. It soon became clear that Benn was angling for the Labour leadership, and the unswerving praise he was getting for his warmongering rhetoric from both sides of the House seemed a deliberate and shameless attempt to raise his public profile. It made me very suspicious. It is a suspicion I never really gave voice to but that has never gone away since.

I believed that the Tories were conspiring with the Labour Right to get rid of Corbyn. I still believe that today. The way, during the ‘Chicken Coup‘ a few months later, Cameron used part of his own resignation speech to demand Corbyn step down as Labour leader, intensified that suspicion. Tories red and blue were always saying the same things about Corbyn while he was leader, and were also profoundly more peaceful towards each other than they were towards him. The conspiracy within Labour, we already knew, extended beyond Labour to many parts of the media, but I strongly suspect it also involved the Parliamentary Conservative Party.

The UK market crash – deliberate?

Hence why the Conservatives are keeping their lips sealed. They do not want to risk letting the public perception of the Far Left as ‘riddled with anti-Semitism,’ a perception they helped nurture, evaporate and run dry. If the price of keeping the illusion intact is to co-operate with, and occasionally even to concede the reins of Government to, a neoliberal Labour Right, then they are willing to pay that much. Anything to prevent a real socialist or even social democratic platform from implementation in Downing Street.

Hence why I genuinely wonder whether Liz Truss and Kwasi Kwarteng deliberately announced a clearly insane level of tax cuts in the hope of causing the very run-on-the-pound that happened, to distract from The Labour Files. As a rule, I usually adhere to cock-up theory over conspiracy theory, but this is one conspiracy theory that is neither much of a stretch, nor in any way out of keeping with the context of the last seven years.

Of course, Truss and Kwarteng are both so fantastically dimwitted that it is still easier to conclude that it was just a characteristic mega-blunder that was happily-timed for Keir Starmer. But as I say, you do wonder.

The smaller parties appear no better

Given how LibDems, SNP, Plaid Cymru and Green MPs have at different points tried to cash in on the largely-fictional ‘anti-Semitism crisis’ in the Labour Party, they too have remained depressingly quiet. Anyone who tells me that Nicola Sturgeon, Caroline Lucas and Leanne Wood are angels of honesty in a mire of political corruption can go hang, as far as I am concerned. Political convenience, as usual, triumphs over factual integrity.

And yes it shows that, despite what Welsh and Scottish nationalists like to tell themselves, the same culture of theatrical fakery exists in Cardiff and at Holyrood. They just have yet to see it outside the camouflage of Westminster’s limitless corruption.

Indeed, the only prominent British politician who has made any attempt to change that culture since at least the retirement of Benn Snr has been quite definitely an Englishman – Jeremy Corbyn.

Thoughts on Starmer

To close, I want to reflect on what the documentaries reveal about the Labour Right, and the criminal conduct that Keir Starmer is determined to conceal. More specifically, what it reveals about Starmer that he is prepared to protect people who have carried out such a malicious, corrupt fraud. Starmer has misused the mechanism of the Labour Party to pursue a vendetta against the left wing. He has also introduced a very real and detectable ‘hierarchy of racism’ in the party, where only ‘anti-Semitism’ – heavily stretched to include anti-Zionism – is seen as intolerable. Although only when practiced by the left. The highlighted bullying by Luke Stanger of Jewish left wingers was defended and even encouraged. Meanwhile, racism against black, Asian, Arab or Hispanic people, and Islamophobia are merrily overlooked. Anti-racism is not a principle to uphold in Starmer’s eyes, but a tool to enforce obedience, and to eliminate those who disagree with him.

There is no doubt at all that Starmer is, and has always been, completely aware of the relentless foul play of the party’s officials and right wing, and has co-operated with it to some extent. He wants this corruption kept under wraps, not to have it investigated or rooted out.

Do not vote for Starmer

Starmer is corrupt. Rotten to the core. The only reason ever to vote for the ghastly bore was that he was the lesser evil. But I see how he abuses the levers of power in the party, and then consider the levers of power in Downing Street, and I get chills. The current Tories are anti-democratic and are determined to remove human rights from the British population, as workers and citizens. Voting for Labour up until now was seen as, if nothing else, a way to stop that particular rot.

But I am not convinced of that. I never was, and the more I see of how Starmer conducts himself, the less convinced I become. The more I fear that if he is handed the keys to 10 Downing Street, he will simply continue the severance process. He is an authoritarian, a believer in exercising power by unaccountable secrecy, and he does not believe in using power justly or impartially. He will implement corruption instead of integrity in any situation where it suits him.

The Labour Files show not just that voting for the lesser evil is still voting for evil. They show that we have still to establish who the ‘lesser evil’ is, or even that there is a ‘lesser evil’ at all.