by Martin Odoni

Oh, Bibi, Bibi, Bibi… you have Royally (well, King David Hotel-ly) stuffed up.

My detestation of Binyamin Netanyahu, Israel’s hard-right Prime Minister, should never be in doubt. His politics in general are enough for me to oppose him, while his treatment of Palestinians is beyond the pale.

Yesterday, Netanyahu found he could not resist a vigorous, nay reckless, leap onto a dangerous, unsteady bandwagon that is hurtling down a bumpy slope on an uncertain course. This leap has endangered his key allies in the United Kingdom.

‘Contrived-anti-Corbyn-controversy-that-absorbs-disproportionate-press-time’ number umpteen, over Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Party’s embattled leader, supposedly paying tribute to a ‘Black September‘ terrorist at the Hamman Chutt cemetery in Tunisia in 1991, has dominated media discussion over the last few days. It looks unlikely that Corbyn did any such thing – not least because theĀ Black September terrorists were all buried in Libya and not Tunisia – but whether he did or he did not, ‘Bibi’ has committed a ‘boo-boo’ by getting involved in the row directly.

On Twitter yesterday, Netanyahu publicly attacked Corbyn for supposedly being guilty of what the accusation suggests.

Corbyn responds to Netanyahu

Netanyahu leaps on accusations against Corbyn that are probably untrue, certainly unproven.

This fits a disturbing pattern of Israeli interference in UK politics over the last couple of years, except this time there was no secrecy about it. But that is not my point. The point is that there are two big problems with what Netanyahu has done.

One, he has not checked to make sure the accusations against Corbyn are true. The fact that they have been printed in the Times, the Daily Mail, the Telegraph, the Express, et al is no reason for confidence. And as The Sqwawkbox and EvolvePolitics have both pointed out, there are very strong reasons to doubt that the accusations against Corbyn are true at all. (Are they ever?)

But second, Netanyahu has opened himself to accusations – of utter hypocrisy. Back in 2006, he attended, and delivered a speech at, an event celebrating the anniversary of a notorious terrorist atrocity in 1946, when Zionists of the Irgun Militant faction blew up the King David Hotel in pre-Israel Jerusalem. Ninety-one people were killed, and nearly fifty more were injured. Twenty-eight of the victims were British.

King David Hotel bombing

Netanyahu celebrates atrocities against Britons, while getting his knickers in a knot about Britons supposedly celebrating atrocities against Israelis

Why is Netanyahu allowed to pay tribute to terrorist atrocities against Britons, if he will condemn Corbyn for supposedly paying tribute to terrorists who harm Israelis (which he almost certainly has not anyway)?

But what makes this ‘Bibi-boo-boo’, if you will forgive the 70’s disco noises, even more of a backfire is that it has raised pressure on the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance working definition of ‘anti-Semitism’. Exploitation of that definition has been a key part of the Zionist propaganda strategy to shout down legitimate criticism of Israel in recent years. And one of the examples in the definition is now going to be brought front-and-centre, focusing on Anglo-Jewish Zionists. The example is this one; –

Accusing Jewish citizens of being more loyal to Israel, or to the alleged priorities of Jews worldwide, than to the interests of their own nations.

Now, here is the dilemma into which Netanyahu has needlessly thrust Anglo-Jewish Zionists; –

If they continue expressing outrage over Corbyn’s supposed tribute to Black September – which to repeat is almost certainly not even true – how can they, as ‘loyal British citizens’, not express equal outrage over Netanyahu’s past, very real, ‘dance-on-the-graves’ of Britons killed at the King David Hotel Bombing?

If the Anglo-Jewish Zionists do not condemn Netanyahu, then surely they are guilty of displaying greater loyalty to Israel than they display to Britain? For they are refusing to condemn an Israeli who applauded an atrocity against the British, while condemning a Briton who vaguely-possibly applauded an atrocity against Israelis.

But if they do condemn Netanyahu, they will be siding with Jeremy Corbyn, the very man they have spent three years trying to destroy, while at the same time undermining the credibility of the effective leader of their central ideology.

Smart move, Bibi, you really have put the ball past your own goalkeeper with this one.

With this stupid intervention, Netanyahu has imperilled the credibility of the IHRA working definition, on which his own propaganda depends, and created a serious quandary for his allies in the UK. Not only does it raise serious questions about anything the Zionists say, it might also lend distasteful and undue credibility to the modern racist trope of ‘Jews who are more loyal to each other than they are to their countries’. Netanyahu has further presented Corbyn with a large platform from which to take the pressure of the summer off of himself, as Patrick MaGuire points out, allowing him to draw international attention to where it should really be turned – the plight of the Palestinians.

Netanyahu has never been as bright as he thinks he is. After this move, I am starting to doubt he is even as modestly intelligent as I thought he was.