by Martin Odoni

I do find the anti-vaxxer movement very tiresome sometimes. They are really just yet another anti-science crowd. Like Climate Change deniers, and Creationists. Most of them did poorly in school science classes because they just were not interested enough in what they were learning. But now they cannot bring themselves to admit that the people who did take an interest, and actually became scientists, and spent their entire subsequent lives studying the field, will know a subject better than they do. No no, their expertise is not the result of decades of dedicated study and hard work, it is elitism. Scientists are all part of a secret conspiracy to take over the world, dontchaknow? (Mad scientists trying to take over the world? They may have been reading too many Superman comics from the 1950s.)

I am fairly sure Michael Gove is one of these deniers too.

If the anti-vaxx crowd do not like being portrayed as intellectually second-rate paranoids, well, they seldom help themselves. Yesterday was an example of them making themselves look a bit pants in the brain-case, by protesting against the BBC over its coverage of the Covid-19 pandemic. Now I certainly have nothing against protesting the BBC, and indeed I am unhappy with its coverage of the pandemic, although for the opposite reasons the anti-vaxxers are complaining. They think the BBC are scaremongering, whereas I am very displeased with the lack of consistent seriousness with which the corporation has treated the issue. In particular, it keeps letting the Government get away with countless enormous blunders and lazy oversights.

But this is not my point. My point instead is this; –

The protesters, against the use of vaccines to fight the pandemic, and against any returns to lockdown, went to the BBC Television Centre in London yesterday, and got into a fight with the police. All to pressurise the corporation into taking a more hostile stance towards the struggle against Covid.

The BBC Television Centre. In London.

I repeat; the protesters went to the BBC Television Centre in London to protest its coverage of the pandemic.

What’s wrong with that? I hear the anti-vaxxers cry out.

Well… how can I put this?

The BBC has not used Television Centre for broadcasting for eight years.

It moved out way back in 2013, and currently does most of its broadcasting work, certainly the brunt of its news coverage, from the Media City UK complex in Salford Quays. As in, about 210 miles from where the anti-vaxxers were protesting.

These people are getting their ‘facts’ from sources so inaccurate, it leads them to make their protests in completely the wrong part of the country

The BBC does not even own Television Centre anymore. It was sold to a developer called Stanhope PLC in 2012, and while a couple of the old studios are still used under hire – by ITV and not by the BBC – a lot of the complex has actually been converted into domestic flats!

Protesting the BBC at Television Centre, in short, is a little like going to Winchester to protest against the Government, because the Anglo-Saxon Kings sometimes ruled from there.

Anti-science, by definition, is “anti-knowledge,” so being hostile to science automatically involves not knowing very much. What did I write the other week about this country and its complete non-relation to reality? It seems determined to prove me right.