by Martin Odoni

After the bomb attack attempted on Liverpool Women’s Hospital on Remembrance Sunday, one particularly sick Tory Councillor from Yorkshire, Paul Nickerson, thought it wise to make a big joke out of it. He tweeted a photoshopped image (now deleted) of Jeremy Corbyn laying a wreath at the side of the burning vehicle outside the hospital.

The obsession so many career politicians have with trying to destroy Jeremy Corbyn’s reputation is really very disturbing, and suggests he has frightened them to the cores of their being.

Nickerson has now published a formal apology of sorts, but its content, especially its lack of contrition directed to those he has offended, impresses few. His apology included several very doubtful disclaimers.

I would like to apologise for a political tweet sent from my account yesterday which has been upsetting for some people and I unreservedly apologise to all concerned.

(‘All concerned’ but no one named, not Corbyn, not the hospital, not the Haig Fund nor the Royal British Legion.)

Political banter is political banter but I sincerely apologise for those posts and I just want people to know that it wasn’t me that sent them. It was a prank gone wrong, a couple of friends taking things too far but I do take responsibility for it still.”

When the term ‘political banter’ is applied to a toxic personal insult, it is being asked to do a lot of ‘heavy lifting,’ so to speak.

In a follow-up statement Nickerson added,

I can confirm the account was compromised, and new security has been put in place. I also want to apologise to anyone who is offended by that content – we should all work closely for a decent and respectful dialogue and cross party approach to solving peoples issues which if you review my online output you will see I try to consistently do…. I would like to say that it is just like Twitter that I’m getting people saying I should apologise to Jeremy Corbyn but then sending me death threats and other offensive messages. Getting death threats is absolutely not acceptable at any time.

Near the end, note, Nickerson tries to claim the moral high ground, while talking his way around apologising to Corbyn for the disgusting smear. He points to ‘death threats’ he has received and preaches against them. Such threats deserve condemnation, but not from him in these circumstances. And he did not actually apologise to Corbyn.

Unfortunately for Nickerson, study of his feed does not make him look quite as unwitting as he claims, and the old, “it was a prank by my friends” (‘frape‘) cover story sounds just a little too well-worn to ring true.

Here was a particularly arrogant tweet Nickerson posted not long after the offending picture; –

Let me guess, Nickerson, your friends posted this one as well?

Nickerson’s own Twitter profile does not come to his aid on this.

And you have not actually retracted the view implied by the picture either, have you, Nickerson? And why do you not post similar pictures of Theresa May, just for instance, given her irrefutable collaboration with Libyan terrorists?

And the fact that a similar post appeared on Nickerson’s Facebook timeline also suggests his ‘friends’ were acting with his full approval. And if they were not, and Nickerson is letting others have his online identity information willy-nilly, he needs to be a lot more careful with his cyber-security, his casual attitude to which means he should not be trusted by the public.

Oh Nickers

‘Nickers’ apparently even expressed support for another Tweeter sharing the image!

How does mindlessly insulting Corbyn in this deceitful way merit ‘all power’, Nickers?

And above all, the image, whoever carried out the mechanical act of sharing it, is completely consistent with Nickerson’s previous attacks on Corbyn.

Apparently Nickers thinks that 150 of the richest, most powerful people in the world need protecting as much as an ethnic minority group, which he also, entirely falsely, suggests Corbyn has ‘scapegoated.’ I bet anything you like that if he were threatened with legal action over this remark, Nickers would not be able to offer any evidence, and could therefore be accused of race-exploitation, effectively establishing that he is a racist himself. He also seems intellectually third-rate not to realise that the needless status of ‘billionaire’ can only be achieved by hoarding far more resources than any person can ever need, which means others needlessly go without.

‘Nickers’ ‘ apology is utterly worthless, as indeed ‘Nickers’ probably is himself. But that is not my real point. My real point is broader, going well beyond Nickerson, and is about just how deranged the obsession with Corbyn has become. Corbyn is pretty much yesterday’s man now, or so the centrists and right wing are very quick to tell us. And yet the attempts to demonise him take on an almost obsessive, unhinged quality, loaded down under layers of puerile spite. When a terrorist attack is attempted, the first thing these maggots on the right of the Labour Party and all over the Tory Party think to do is try to associate it with Corbyn – one of very few consistent men of peace in the House of Commons over the last fifty years, and a man who is no longer a party leader.

What is the point of this if Corbyn is ‘yesterday’s man’? What are conservatives, blue, yellow and red, so terrified of that they seem obsessively incapable of dropping it? Why do they always have to make this so pettily personal? It is not politics, it is bullying.

Is it because they realise Corbyn could still pose a threat? Do they think he may be a rallying point for the left, especially if he chooses to leave the Labour Party? Do the career politicians involved fear the loss of their sleazy privileges, once again exposed in recent weeks by ridiculous, snouts-in-the-trough, casual corruption of so many MPs? It is a corruption Corbyn has consistently shown to be completely unnecessary, and they perhaps resent the example he sets with his very low expenses claims.

The sleaze-rump across British politics cannot discredit Corbyn for anything he has really said and done, so they have to discredit him over things he has not. They realise that in spite of everything, they have not yet accomplished that, hence they carry on mechanically trashing Corbyn nearly two years after he ceased to be Labour leader.

That, ladies, gentlemen, and centrists, is fear. They remain scared of the potential strength of the general public. That tells us all we need to know about how weak they really are.


POSTSCRIPT: If you share the disgust of others at Nickerson’s unseemly conduct in office, please click here and fill in a complaint form against him to his East Riding local council.