by Martin Odoni

Let all those plastic, manufactured career politicians in the House of Commons consider this. We do not care how hard you have ‘worked’ to make yourselves look all polished and business-like. We care about how hard you are prepared to work to make people’s lives better. We care about how hard you are prepared to fight – how much you are prepared to endure – to make it happen.

Corbyn earned my vote

He has earned my vote, and yours, through maintaining his integrity in the face of unparalleled and unjustified opposition and hostility from media and MPs on all sides.

No politician in the UK over the last four years has had to endure as much as Jeremy Corbyn. He has shown he can handle it, and he is fighting in the name of making people’s lives better. In going through all he has, and still persevering, he has earned my vote, and he should have everybody else’s too.

Vote Labour, 12th December 2019.