by Martin Odoni

The Shoah was simply the worst atrocity of the countless number that befell the Jewish people – my people, as it were. I have stated before that my Jewish background is not central to my life, but I am still very conscious of how close the Shoah hit to home. My maternal ancestors were Lithuanian, and if my great-grandparents had chosen to turn south at one point instead of pushing west when fleeing the Pogroms of the Russian Empire (and those crimes were already bad enough), my own family would never have existed; not just that my grandmother would never have met my grandfather, but she would have been living in Greater Germany during World War II, and would have been certain to be sent to the gas chambers. The Shoah does not impact on my life as directly as it does on other Jews’, but it was that close.

And what makes me ill is that the Shoah, and even the wider Holocaust, are no longer quantified by what they mean, what they tell us about human malice and cruelty. Instead the Shoah is quantified by psychopaths and frauds according to how usefully it can be exploited for their narrow political gain.

This sham has reached such points of absurdity that even a survivor of the Holocaust can be threatened with expulsion from the Labour Party – the supposed party of the underdog – for speaking at an event organised by groups that have been arbitrarily proscribed by the staff – non-Jewish staff – controlling the Labour Party machine. Stephen Kapos, a Hungarian Jew who evaded Ferenc Szálasi’s fascists in the Arrow Cross movement, but lost his family to the death-camps, must not speak of his story.


The Establishment, the media, the political class, most of the public, just go along with it because they think arguing with it would be “racist.” They never listen to dissent, cannot tolerate it, even when it comes from the very Jews they claim in all their filthy pomposity to be trying to defend. Never mind asking us whether we even want their protection.

We are not indulged in the slightest way when we object. We are not allowed to say, “This isn’t happening, we don’t need you to defend us, in fact your ‘defence’ of us is what is really hurting and damaging us, we need you to stop it and back off a bit.” No, they listen to the frauds and keep propping up their fantasy, and if that means using me and tens of thousands of others like me, well we don’t get a say in that, because that’s dissent against fighting anti-Semitism. The Jews themselves, like me, have to shut up. Denying a voice about their own lives to Jews is the surest way of fighting anti-Semitism, the psychopaths, most of whom are not even Jewish, tell us.

That does not just make me angry. It does not just make me feel exploited. It makes me feel physically ill.

This is the worst example of the fake ‘anti-Semitism’ hysteria yet. An actual Holocaust survivor warned, in the name of fighting anti-Semitism, not to speak about the horrors he witnessed in the Second World War.

It is too nauseating to be called ridiculous. Ridiculous would mean you can laugh and joke at it. Not this. This is just the evil of power-brokers with no concern for right or wrong, and only just barely enough concept of right or wrong to be realise how to manipulate those who do care.

Starmer will also not tolerate anyone calling a fascist state like Israel fascist. He will condemn desperate Palestinians committing an atrocity that takes seven Israeli lives, having completely ignored three weeks of atrocities committed by Israel that have taken over thirty Palestinian lives, which provoked it.

I am still getting emotional blackmail from Labour right wingers saying that if the left do not get behind Keir Starmer, it will be the fault of the left should the Tories win the next General Election. It is interesting that centrists think the exiled Labour left are a tiny band of unimportant extremists when they are running the Labour Party, but their support suddenly becomes all-important when the Labour Right are in control. But that is not my point. My point is that what Starmer and his corrupt clique of allies are doing offends not just who I am but what I am. It makes me ill. To tell me to support him is to tell the abused to support their abuser.

Any man who lies about, exploits and manipulates Jews cannot have support from this particular Jew, or many others. That should be obvious. It should go without saying. I mean, how much lower can the Labour Right go in their exploitation of Jews before you can accept that I have every right to say no?

If you cannot understand that, there is nothing I can do for you.