by Martin Odoni

Further to the article earlier this week, detailing the horrible assault in Wakefield on Labour Party member and activist, Jade Unal: I and other Labour members have put our heads together and agreed we should pressurise the party over its, at best, disinterested response to Jade’s request for help. The local constituency party in Wakefield have tried to pretend nothing happened, while the police investigation has been utterly futile. We want to try and convince the General Secretary of the Labour Party, Jennie Formby, to put pressure on the CLP to provide support for Jade, who has been badly traumatised by the assault.

The following text is another ‘template’ for people to use for typing up e-mails to send to Formby. If you wish to help get support for Jade, please consider using the template as a starting point for contacting Formby


Dear Ms Formby,

I write to draw your attention to a very disturbing and violent assault on a member of the Labour Party in Wakefield last week, and the very lackadaisical response of the constituency party.

On Friday 21st September, Jade Unal, an activist and local campaigns manager for Young Labour, was in a pub with her mother, when they were attacked by two locals. The attackers told Jade that she was,“a posh c*nt in politics, that’s stuck up your own a*se”, and of being “a paedophile“.

Both Jade and her mother were badly beaten. Jade’s head was smacked against the bar so hard that it came out in a giant lump, with a severe gash in her scalp. The assailants then followed them back to their home, where they threatened to set the house on fire.

Since then, the police have made minimal effort to find the attackers, while Jade has been largely isolated in emergency accommodation, terrified of another attack. She also has a young child to protect.

The reason I contact you is that Jade approached her local constituency party for support – in light of the apparent political motivation for the assault – and has been largely fobbed off. She was a prospect to join the candidate selection panel for Wakefield East, and had been scheduled to deliver her selection speech this week, but cannot due to her injuries. While the party in the area have expressed sympathy, they have offered no practical help. Instead they keep referring Jade back to the police, who continue to do nothing, even though the assailants live locally and are still at large. Jade remains very scared that she might be attacked again.

Both the authorities and the party appear to be taking the attitude that this is all very sad but “nothing to do with us”. This seems an incredibly lax mentality to adopt when a fellow member of the party is physicaly attacked, explicitly over her political beliefs.

Can I please request that you contact the Wakefield constituency and press them to provide proper help and support to Jade? It would also be a worthy gesture if you were to contact Jade herself.

Kind regards