by Martin Odoni

The #ItWasAScam hashtag is doing thriving business on Twitter today. The reason is that, it would seem, the alliance between the Labour Right and the British Zionist lobby has come grinding to a bitter halt. The fake charity, the Campaign Against Antisemitism, this weekend fired an angry shot across the bows of the Labour leader, Keir “Keeff” Starmer. He had used footage of himself visiting a Holocaust memorial in Berlin as a passing clip in a party promotional video that did not even mention the Holocaust, and the CAA was publicly critical.

Keir Starmer makes a gallant show of trying to look like he gives a toss about the victims of the Shoah

Just for once – and I mean literally once here as they have never been right about anything else to do with the Labour Party in their brief history – the CAA were making a reasonable point. It was a bit tacky of Starmer to use this clip so casually. But regardless of whether you agree with that or not, see if you can guess who thought this was all an attempt to make hay without any straw?

Bet you weren’t expecting it to be her, eh?

Yes, in scenes reminiscent of Glenn Beck on Fox News Channel daring to complain about other people too readily playing the Nazi card (anyone else remember Lewis Black’s hilarious takedown?), Margaret Hodge thinks the CAA playing the anti-Semitism card is a low blow.

Yeah, you tell ’em, Margaret! Tell everyone connected to that ghastly, lying, smearing organisation how filthy their tactics-…

Ah. Awkward.

Oh dear.

Note the way the ‘lady with anti-Semitism Tourette’s‘ has worded her accusation, by the way; –

“I’m fed up of CAA using antisemitism as a front to attack Labour.”

This clearly indicates that Hodge does not think this is the first time it has happened. I wonder whether the poisonous aristocrat would care to specify to us for exactly how long the CAA has been engaged in this behaviour? When it started precisely, and if she would like to itemise the other cases for us?

No? Well, there must be some explanation.

I wonder now what pompous verbal dumpsters in the establishment media, like James O’Brien, will make of it, after years of telling the Labour left that, irrespective of the facts, it was “morally wrong” to deny that anti-Semitism was widespread in the party? Even Jewish members like myself were repeatedly castigated for it. But now it seems it is fine for Labour right wingers like Hodge to do so. What will O’Brien and other holier-than-thou centrists say of it?

Nothing I suspect. They will just pretend not to notice, like they usually do, and that they did not allow themselves to become participants in the most corrupt, democracy-undermining smear campaign in British history.