by Martin Odoni

I did suggest a few weeks ago that there was an uncomfortable feeling that “Clapping for our essential workers” was a futile gesture. Worse than that however, it also provided a useful cover for those who would like to butcher the NHS, disguising their malice as affectionate respect.

So while the nauseating mafia currently running the country under the title of a Tory Government were joining in the rounds of applause every Thursday evening, they never once had any intention of supporting the efforts of NHS staff, or of rewarding them. Anyone with such intentions would have made a particular point of looking after student nurses who joined the Health Service early to reinforce the effort against the Coronavirus pandemic.

Student nurses thrown to the wolves

When a Tory applauds you is the moment you should be most worried. NB: The news has mentioned this, in fact, but it has been a bit of a ‘small print on page 23’ job in most instances.

And guess what? That is precisely what is happening. Student nurses who have contributed to the beleaguered NHS’ courageous struggle to keep CoVid-19 patients alive are to receive full supplementary tuition with their fees waived, and financial assistance so that they can complete their training without going sh-… ha ha, I’m just kiddin’! Of course they are not.

In fact, the treatment some student nurses who stepped up to help fight the pandemic are getting would be pretty mean even if there had been no crisis at all. Since March, they have been compelled to keep paying full tution fees – despite not receiving any proper, hands-on tuition due to the lockdown – and a number of second-year students have been informed that their work in CoVid-19 wards will only receive payments up until the end of July. That is despite the original agreement being that they would all be paid until the end of August.

All NHS workers’ gruelling life-saving efforts in the face of severe and unnecessary shortages, and needless exposure to the virus due to inadequate PPE, among so many other Government howlers in response to the crisis, means every single one of them should be receiving a massive pay-rise. Instead, as soon as the crisis has abated, the rug is pulled out from under the students early, while Boris Johnson and his gang-of-crooks throw garlands at themselves for their ‘hugely-successful’ effort to fight the pandemic. This is what you get when you vote for a Government that is only interested in gaslighting public opinion, not in doing the right thing.

But hey, students, look on the bright side. At least they clapped for you.

Clap for NHS?

Do people really think clapping like this is achieving very much?