by Martin Odoni

As mentioned overnight, a dossier detailing conduct within the mechanisms of the Labour Party over the last five years has been uncovered. It was compiled for sending to an independent inquiry into supposedly “rife” anti-Semitism in the Labour Party, but some administrator in the party structure barred the dossier from being forwarded (a move that sounds strangely reminiscent of…. oooooh, something that happened in about, what was it? 1989? In South Yorkshire, was it?). Excerpts were leaked to Sky News yesterday, and there has been a growing clamour for it to be published in full.

Well guess what? The dossier was leaked to Novara Media. I doubt we shall ever know who did it, but what I can say is that, yes, from what I have seen so far, it really is damning. It demonstrates that, while they were whining to the complaints unit about being ‘bullied’ by ‘Trotsrabbledogs‘, the right wing of the Labour Party were being just as abusive, often contemplating outright violence, but behind the backs of the left. They were also very evidently trying to obstruct and sabotage any chance Labour had of winning elections so long as Jeremy Corbyn remained leader.

A lot of the abuse and occasional dirty tricks can be found in Section 2, starting on page 27 through to page 117. Here are some samples; –

Bullying Diane Abbott

Diane Abbott receiving some behind-the-back insults, some bordering on sexist, some bordering on racist, none bordering on acceptable. And trying to set her up at a bad moment by sending a Channel 4 reporter after her was just vile.

Page 45

It seems the party staff had no higher an opinion of Owen Smith (who?) than the left of the party had. Oh, and Catherine Bramwell hates ‘Trots’ it seems. Derogatory terms like that do rather make it obvious why the Labour left retaliate with terms like “Red Tories”.


Page 51

Jo Greening approves of using Hitler-comparisons against the party leader, while Dan Hogan advocates the execution by firing squad of a staff member showing support for Corbyn.


Moussavi idly discusses murder

Staff at Labour HQ seemed to think plotting to assassinate the party leader is fine so long as you are HALF-joking.

P49 - 50 - open declaration of conspiracy

Simon Jackson, during “the Chicken Coup”, insists Corbyn has to go, even if forced.


Showing respect to a fellow party member is a sackable offence in an Iain McNicol office, it seems


P 87

During the GE2017 campaign, Corbyn was deliberately removed from early campaign literature, while extra party finance was reassigned to Tom Watson’s safe seat in the West Midlands, to make sure he was in position to usurp Corbyn in the event of the (wrongly) predicted heavy defeat. They also indulged in deliberate ‘go-slow’ work-rates to hamper Corbyn’s chances even further.



Through the GE2017 campaign, Corbyn was blocked from seeing the party’s digital spending budget.



It really was a miracle Labour forced a Hung Parliament in 2017, when the HQ did things like this; here they block Corbyn from getting contact details for the party’s Election candidates, making it very difficult for him to co-ordinate rallies and other events with them.



There was a sewage problem in the Labour HQ building. Naturally, the rooms worst-affected and that smelt the most abominable were assigned to Corbyn’s staff, and not McNicol’s


Right wing hogs resources - LOTO kept in the dark

Perhaps the biggest corruption. Campaign resources during GE2017 were allocated to prioritise right-wing party candidates, with Corbyn being deliberately kept in the dark at all times. This meant leftist candidates were always under-funded and in far more danger of being wiped out at the polls.

All-in-all, it stinks to high heaven of a petty, spiteful, territorial and corrupt faction taking their ball home when they cannot get their own way, like a schoolkid who provides the football in the playground, but refuses to let anyone else play with it unless he is allowed to be one of the captains. It is always the same with the right wing of the Labour Party, and has been since at least the 1950’s. The right wing must always be in charge, the left wing must always do as the right tells them. Any other arrangement, and rebellion breaks out.

And remember, this is only a summary of an overview of what was happening at Labour HQ. So much else was going on in Westminster with the Labour backbenchers trying to remove Corbyn by bullying and by dirty tricks. That he forced a Hung Parliament in his first General Election is a truly miraculous achievement, given he had the mechanisms of his own party set against him every bit as much as the Tory and Liberal Democrat machines were.

Far more analysis is to be done, but what we can say is that this dossier already leaves Iain McNicol and his staff bang-to-rights, and the subtle implications of intrigues with Tom Watson, while not enough to say his guilt has been proven, are clearly too strong to be overlooked.

More to come soon.