by Martin Odoni

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To whom it may concern,

I wish to register my disgust at, and my wish to see action taken against, the Enfield Labour MP, Joan Ryan. Her public outburst against members of her constituency party last night, after she lost a no-confidence vote, was both spiteful and offensive, and brings the Labour Party into disrepute.

Joan Ryan tweet-in-defeat

Joan Ryan displaying typical right-wing/Blairite ‘magnanimity’.

Ryan referred to honest party workers who voted against her as ‘Trots Stalinists Communists’. At least two of these terms are effectively pejoratives, and she has no reason to suggest that they reasonably apply to any fellow party-members, just because they have expressed no confidence in her. Her attempt to play down the outcome by pointing to the margin of her defeat was dishonest, as she had tried to ‘pad out’ the meeting with her supporters. Her response to still losing was vindictive and crude.

Joan Ryan no confidence vote stitch-up attempt

Joan Ryan tried to stich up the meeting in which she faced a vote of no confidence. And she still lost.

Ryan’s original attempt to accuse a Palestine Solidarity Campaign supporter called Jean Fitzpatrick of being ‘anti-Semitic’ was a disgusting slur in itself, and is also plainly McCarthyite conduct unacceptable in any member of the Labour Party. She has spent much of the last three years publicly undermining the Party leadership, which is effectively a manner of campaigning against the Labour Party. That is expressly against Party rules.

Joan Ryan has shown herself to be a toxic and damaging presence in the Labour Party, and does not appear to respect the rules therein. I demand her membership be suspended with immediate effect, and a full and rigorous investigation into her conduct past-and-present be undertaken, with a view to her possible expulsion.

With polite regards