by Martin Odoni

The startling news that Mike Sivier’s entire defence has simply been struck out of the nonexistent legal ‘case’ Rachel Riley has lodged against him shows that the Witch Hunt against anti-Zionism is not going away. Did anyone seriously imagine it would? (Incidentally, if you can spare some cash, please go to here to help Mike’s appeal against the decision.)

As if to coincide, David Collier, the racist, Arab-hating ally of the Gnasherjew Twitter troll account, announced the next stage in his half-mad campaign to blank out all criticism of Israeli aggression against the Palestinians. The brazenness of these attempts has reached new heights of bullying arrogance. The openly-secret pretext for Collier’s previous harassments of Palestinian supporters was that he was “honestly, bravely, nobly” fighting against anti-Semitism.

Well guess what? Collier is not even bothering with that pretext anymore, almost certainly because the shameless co-operation of the British media over the last five years has taught him that he will never be called out for it. He has openly declared, on this toxic Twitter thread, that his next target is anti-Zionism in higher education.

Collier will not even bother with pretending that anti-Semitism is his target any longer. The conflation of ‘Jew’ with ‘Zionist’ is now complete.

Before I get the usual mechanical chorus of objection from Zionists, I will make the reality of what Collier is trying to protect explicit once again; –

  1. Anti-Zionism is not, and does not require, anti-Semitism.
  2. Zionism is not the belief that the Jewish people should have self-determination.
  3. Zionism does not bring about safety and survival of the Jewish people.
  4. Zionism is incompatible with democracy and inevitably leads to oppression of non-Jews within Israel.
  5. A Zionist and a Jew are not the same thing.
  6. Zionism is merely anti-Semitism by self-application.

To explain; –

  1. Anti-Zionism is like opposition to any ideology. It requires only a knowledge of the ideology, and the ability to identify its flaws and failings.
  2. Zionism is too specific and too demanding to be a self-determination. Despite being Jewish, I am in fact very uneasy about any race or ethnic group being given ‘self-determination,’ for reasons I set out in 4, but even if I did not so feel, Zionism is not what Jewish self-determination would be about. It insists that, were the Jewish people to have a homeland, it would be compelled to be in the ‘Holy Land’ of the Bible, and without regards for any other people already living there. As a movement, it also has an unmistakeable note of distaste for Jews who choose to remain in other lands. Israel often tries to scare diaspora Jews into fleeing to Israel from imaginary threats. That is certainly not self-determination, but imposed collective determination.
  3. Having lived in England and Scotland all my life, I have occasionally encountered anti-Semitism and even a measure of persecution. But at no stage of my life have I ever been in anything resembling mortal danger, because of being a Jew. Compare that with Israelis who never stop telling us about how they are surrounded by enemy countries who are always trying to destroy them. How exactly does Israel keep Jews safe and alive, when it set itself up in the middle of other peoples’ territory, and by stealing land from them?
  4. For reasons I explained here, in order for a Zionist state – in order for any ethnocratic state – to maintain its own existence, it needs either to abandon democracy, or to struggle constantly to reduce the size of other ethnic groups within its boundaries. Otherwise, the Jewish population is likely to become outnumbered by other inhabitants who could then simply vote the Zionist Administration out of power and bring the whole project to an end. (Those who try to separate Zionism from Israeli Government policy towards the Palestinians completely misunderstand the nature of the ideology. It is the ideology that leads to the policy.)
  5. Not all Jews are Zionists, and certainly not all Zionists are Jews. In fact, it is almost certain that most Zionists on Earth are gentiles, given how tiny the global Jewish population is. This is why condemning Zionists is not necessarily anti-Semitic.
  6. I keep saying this and I always will. Zionism takes Jews away from the rest of humanity and puts them all together in one country, neatly separated from everybody else. It makes Jews ‘go away.’ What, remind me, is it that anti-Semites usually want…?

Frauds like Collier do not want people even to think about these points, they want people to fear ostracisation through being accused of racism, so they attack anyone who shows signs of understanding. To them, opposition to Israel is opposition to ‘something Jewish’, ergo anti-Zionism must be recognised as anti-Semitism, and thoughts must not be allowed to carry beyond that infantile limit.

Do not let them do that to you.

On that same Twitter thread, by the way, another Zionist, author Judea Pearl, inadvertently gave the game away. I do not imagine this will make the blindest bit of difference, as any non-Zionist/anti-Zionist Jew is always cynically sidelined. But for what effect it will have, consider this; –

Oops! You know, Zionists may be loud, bullying and aggressive, but the truth is, they are not very bright. Before anyone asks, no, there is no such word as ‘Zionophobia’. Once again, Zionists are simply making up their own facts.