by Martin Odoni

Am I the only one to notice a constant pattern with Zionists; they have absolutely no sense of humour? Indeed, it is a pattern I see across the right wing. Large numbers of people who take themselves much too seriously, and never seem to be able to laugh, except when they laugh at someone else’s problems. They seem unable to see the difference between humour and cruelty. They also lack one of Mankind’s most basic generous instincts. That instinct is the willingness to let others have a laugh at one’s expense.

It is something of a shame that Zionists take themselves so seriously, because the truth is that their nastiness sometimes distracts from how inadvertently funny they are. No, I mean it. If it were not for their maliciousness and their clear desire to destroy the lives of every critic of Israel, Zionists would be the funniest people on Earth. Not because they mean to be, but because of what buffoons they make of themselves.

Zionists never realise how funny they are

Take last night on Twitter. As many of you probably know, I have an account. (Havet Storm, in case anyone is wondering, is the name of a very remote fringe character from Star Wars. It would take too long to explain.) Now, for most of its history, the titular name on the account has been Martin Philip Odoni, naturally enough.

But about four or five years ago, I took part in a joke-trend. Lots of users were getting a little exhausted with the US Democrats constant screaming and shouting over supposed Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential Election. To take the mickey, tens of thousands of us changed the titular names on our accounts to something ‘Russianised’, as if to say, “You can’t catch all the Russian spies on the Internet, America.” For myself, I chose to change the name to Martin Philipovich Odonski.

Now, I admit it was meant to be a temporary change, but I could never be bothered to change it back after the trend had run its course. So my Twitter name remained in its Russianised form for about five years.

Yeah. Big deal.

This is your idea of an underhand conspiracy?

Oh, but the Zionists yesterday decided that it is a big deal! They decided it is a massive deal that demonstrates that I am a fake! Some Zionist calling himself Justin Penrose appears to have gone to the bizarre lengths of putting the name “Martin Philipovich Odonski” into a search engine, found there was no one by that name outside of Twitter, but also that there is someone on LinkedIn going by the name of “Martin Philip Odoni“, who looks exactly the same.

With this super-elaborate detective work – oh well done, caped crusader! – Penrose concluded, brilliantly, shrewdly, incisively, that I must have used the adjusted version of my name to sound “more Jewish” or “Hebrewised.” From there, the ‘conclusive’ realisation could only be one thing! That ‘Martin Philip Odoni’ is not really Jewish at all, and he changed his name to fool people into thinking he was. Sure, no possible leaps to conclusion in that little tidal wave of flawless rationalism.

I am not making this up. Penrose accused me as such.

Justin Penrose cries, “Gotcha!” Drat! Double drat! Caught red-handed!

More seriously, he told me (I am far from convinced that he really did this) that he had ‘swatted’ me to my employer.

Oh, Penrose, you really know how to hand power to your chosen opponents

Now, I want to stress, I am not exactly trembling in my socks at this.

Confusing Zionist-Jews hating things with anti-Semitism again

But this is yet another example of the arrogant, irresponsible maliciousness of Zionists. They just assume that they have some kind of divine right to try and damage the lives of people who express political views they dislike. They also, with the same arrogance, imagine that their blind loyalty to Israel gives them another divine right; to decide who is and is not a Jew, on no criteria other than their own say-so, and that they can ‘cancel’ the real rules e.g the Matrilineal Rule of descent whenever it suits them. And most arrogant of all, they think they have the divine right just to label anything they dislike ‘anti-Semitism‘ without really offering a corroborating argument to demonstrate that Jew-hate is involved, and that once they have done so, the mark must stay forever.

Zionist logic is excessively flexible on this one point: It is not anti-Semitic because it expresses hatred of Jews, it is anti-Semitic because it is something that Zionist-Jews hate.

Sadly for Penrose, it does not work that way. He has accused me not just of anti-Semitism, but of actually faking my family history. And he did it publicly, and used the notion in a cynical attempt to endanger my work-position. That is libellous. Defamatory. Should I choose to take legal action against him – I am currently in consultation on that – Penrose will have to demonstrate that I am not Jewish, and that I am motivated not by protest against Israel’s actions, but by hatred of Jews.

That is a very, very foolish position Penrose has got himself into, because he has to find evidence of these things… about someone he has never met. Yeah right, good luck with that, Justin.

Running scared

It is noticeable that Penrose has since taken the offending tweets down, suggesting he has got the willies awfully quickly. A pity for him that he cannot ‘withdraw’ the e-mail he sent so over-confidently. And that I and online friends got screenshots of what he said. It means that choosing the consequences of this matter is completely out of his hands, and entirely in mine.

But back to the point about Zionists having no sense of humour. Firstly, let us analyse Penrose’s accusation that I put up a false name to hide my true identity and to make myself sound ‘more Jewish.’ Let us apply that handsome quality that Zionists have in such short supply; logic. Because the reasons why I was not really trying to disguise myself are hilariously obvious; –

Firstly, if I was trying to use an alias, I would not use one that’s almost exactly the same as my real name. I would invent a completely new name. If I wanted it to be a ‘Judaised’ name, I could accomplish that with any number of names that do not resemble my real one. That would be a far more effective way of covering my tracks.

Secondly, if I wanted a ‘Judaised’ name, I would not use ones with extensions like “-ovich” or “-ski“. Why? Because although Jews do sometimes use them, they are principly Russianised names, not ‘Judaised’ names. ‘Philipovich’ roughly translates from Slavonic Russian as “son of Philip” (which, incidentally, I am not. My late father was called Robert). If I were to ‘Judaise’ my middle name, it might come out as something more like, “Philipowitz”. If I were to ‘Judaise’ my surname, it would come out as something more like, “Odonstein.” My ancestors might have been Lithuanian, but I would not turn my name into something Russian to cover that.

Thirdly, why would I put up a profile pic actually of my real self on my Twitter profile, if I were pretending to be someone else?

Fourthly, why would I share my blogposts via that same Twitter feed, when my blogposts all give my real name, right at the very top?

Fifth, what was to stop me from using the Russianised version of my name on LinkedIn, if my purpose were stealth and not a then-topical joke? Why do I always use the name Martin Odoni as my Instagram ID, and have never changed it?

No sense of humour

But as I say, Penrose is a Zionist. He has no sense of humour. He takes himself, and his beloved ’cause’ of sanitising the name of Israel, no matter how hideously it commits crimes against the Palestinians, way, way too seriously.

As friends joined the thread to support me – thanks, guys! – the full implication of how ridiculous this is suddenly struck me in a big way, and I have to be quite honest; I have hardly stopped giggling ever since. I realised what this meant for the four years just passed.

For years I have been arguing on Twitter with Zionist bullies, and it seems throughout that they thought my name really was the Russianised version. They are now applauding themselves for piercing my ‘disguise’. There you have it, everyone. Martin Philipovich Odonski; man of a thousand faces, all of them the same

As I say, Penrose, and at least a few of his fellows on other side-threads not seen here, genuinely imagine that they “saw through” my diabolical illusions. It simply never occurred to them that if I was trying to create the illusion of a fake alias, I would start with a completely different name and profile pic of anything other than the real me. And this childish paranoia, this certainty with which Zionists always assign the worst possible motives to anyone they oppose becomes hysterically funny when there is so much to indicate that this is a whole lot of nothing.

When Penrose was challenged, he very rapidly blocked me, and then posted the following, self-important tweet of defiance to one of my friends. Once again, the raging pomposity is as striking as the humourlessness; –

Gatekeeping is fine, but as usual with Zionists, their definition extends a long way beyond where it goes in the dictionary. The ‘right’ he awards himself seems to extend to defamation, and poisoning people’s reputations behind their backs, and then blocking all avenues of accountability. ‘Gatekeeping’ is doing an awful lot of lifting in that feeble self-justification

(How does one ‘gatekeep’ against people after blocking them, out of interest?) If describing what Israel does, and the terrible flaws in the thinking behind its creation, “harms the majority” – and I can see no reason why it would – then clearly the majority are doing something wrong. But again, just look at the pomposity. Rather than reflect, “Actually yeah, I am being a bit daft about this, aren’t I? If you were trying to disguise yourself, you wouldn’t choose an ID like that,” and then chuckling about it, Penrose doubles down. He makes grandiose statements about “rights” that do not extend to what he did. He pontificates in the name of “The majority,” having established neither what the majority really thinks, nor a mandate to speak for them.

Like so many Zionists, Penrose is taking himself way too seriously. He takes himself so seriously, he genuinely thinks he is too important to be subject to rules of decency. He can ‘swat’ or ‘dox’ anyone he likes because he is… serious, and he is doing it over a subject about which he is… serious.

So when he fouls up like he has here, Penrose looks even funnier.

Others stepped up to take his place today. And in their outrage, again made themselves look like buffoons.

Blood labels? Those are the stickers they put on transfusion bags in hospitals, to let the user know which blood type is in it, right? Not that I do, but why is it bad to spread them?


You must excuse me now, I am just off to change the name on my Twitter feed. I may change it back to normal. Or I may change it to “Mordechai Philowitz Odonsteiner – Master of Disguise“. Oh. looks like I already did.

Yes, I really did it. A friend of mine in Glasgow once called me ‘A God of Snark.’ I guess this proves her right

Because I do not take myself too seriously. Trust me, Zionists, you can be alert for the next Pogrom without insisting that everyone who says something you do not like is looking to start it. You will also find that it is a far more relaxing way to live.