A confession

May 5, 2022

by Martin Odoni

It is Local Elections day. For the first time since the mid-1990s, I have refused to vote.

If they could not support us, worse actually ATTACKED us, we cannot support them

The Breakthrough Party, which I recently joined, was not standing a candidate in my constituency; the only way that could happen would be for me to stand myself, and I am not in a position to do so. I am exhausted with the irrationality of so many members of the Green Party, and so could not bring myself to lend them my vote again. The LibDems… well, I went down that path, even campaigned for them, at the 2010 General Election, and see where that led.

And then of course, there is Labour. The following question is a serious one: How could I vote for them? How could anyone even suggest that I should vote for them? Above all, after everything those lying, corrupt, toxic, smear-mongering, right-wing frauds who run the party machine put me and others like me through, how can anyone blame me for refusing to support them? And if you are aware of these horrors and you have decided that you are still okay with supporting the Labour Party when it is run by its right wing, do you realise what that says to myself and other victims about you, and how little you care?

How can you expect us to trust these charlatans? How can you be so insensitive as to demand we do so after they traumatised us? This must have been how Victorian-era wives felt when they were ordered to stay with husbands who beat them.

This is not exclusively about personal wounds either. There is a very real moral point to be made here; having seen with such unremitting clarity just how spiteful and corrupt the Labour Party is, just how vile their behaviour is, how could I possibly want such a cess-pit of an organisation to be put in charge of the country? Starmer’s mob of banking thieves forming a Government will never be allowed on my conscience, thank you very much.

Please do not give me the mechanical lecture about how the Tories are even more corrupt. Do you honestly think I have not noticed that? Good grief, I was warning years in advance what a walking blob of black market grease Boris Johnson is, how him as Prime Minister is my greatest nightmare, about his contempt-for-the-poor, about his contempt-for-Parliament and democracy, about how his contempt-for-accountability makes him the biggest threat to the United Kingdom in our lifetimes, and hardly anyone listened. Why should I now listen to others just repeating back to me my own warnings after it is too late? Why should I now dirty my own history by backing a sleaze like Starmer, in an ineffectual attempt to correct the mistakes of others who put Johnson in office in the first place?

Waste of plastic

But more pertinent to now, spare me the illogical argument. Or at least acknowledge that you are being illogical. If different corruption is your replacement for present corruption, your idea of ‘strategy’ is feeble gestures. Swap Tory corruption and sleaze for Red Tory corruption and sleaze, and pretend to yourself that at least you “did something,” when in truth you have simply offered a non-solution. Reorganise the chairs in the living room to make space, instead of doing what really would make space; throwing one of them out.

Look at the anti-democratic legislation that Johnson is forcing through Parliament. Disgusting, right? But Keir Starmer does not find it disgusting, he makes no attempt to oppose it. He makes no commitment to reverse it later. If you are disgusted by what Johnson is doing, why are you voting for a politician who does not oppose it? Making do with the lesser evil has been precisely what has put voters off First-Past-The-Post ‘democracy’ for decades, and we are only assuming the lesser evil, without actually knowing whether Starmer would exploit such powers himself.

By voting for them on the grounds of “corrupt-but-at-least-they’re-red,” you have said to the Labour Party, “No matter how little you oppose Tory power-grabbing, no matter how appallingly you treat the people who supported you in good faith, I for one will never extract any redress, never impose any price on you, for doing so.”

Endorsing a different colour of corruption is not the answer, it never will be. On the contrary, it prolongs the sleaze, because voting for them when they are this corrupt encourages Labour to emulate the Tories even more, and so when they get into power, there is no ethical change.

I fear that persisting with Starmer’s Labour is a feeble gesture designed to fool one’s own conscience. It will not appeal to mine. No. New Labour wants it both ways. It wants the Left gone and never allowed near any of the wheels of power, but at the same time thinks itself entitled to the Left’s support and just abusively demands our vote. It does not ask, notice. It does not even try to offer something appealing in return, it just orders us to get in line.

I will not reward such bullying arrogance, I will not try to appease the assassin, I will only support those who fight him. I will not be so feeble as to give in to his unashamed emotional blackmail.

It's what Starmer is full of
Starmer is full of it.

My conscience would suffer far more if I ever did.