by Martin Odoni

Another template readers can use for submitting e-mails to the Labour Party’s complaints team – at

To whom it may concern,

I wish to register my anger and disgust at Chuka Umunna MP, who has used a grossly offensive slur when complaining about supposed victimisation. He has publicly instructed Jeremy Corbyn to ‘call off the dogs‘, by which he means left wing members of the party who want to remove right wing members.

There has been a frequent pattern among high-profile figures on the right wing of the party of using the insult ‘dogs’ to describe the Labour left. It is both offensive to the demeanour and intelligence of the people it is aimed at, and snobbish and elitist. Prominent Labour figures have been employing the term for at least three years without sanction or reprimand from those in the party who have a responsibility to enforce the rules.

Umunna uses the term while actually complaining about supposedly being ‘victimised’ by the left of the party. He therefore is clearly aware of the unacceptable nature of bullying, denigrating behaviour. Therefore he has no right to indulge in such behaviour himself, which brings the Labour Party into disrepute.

It is high time the casual right-wng use of this slur was clamped down upon, and I therefore demand that Umunna is made an example of. I demand his membership of the party is suspended with immediate effect, pending a full and rigorous investigation into his conduct past-and-present, with a view to his possible expulsion.

With polite regards

Chuka Umunna

Chuka Umunna is one of the worst on the Labour Right for using offensive and bullying terms while complaining about supposed offensive and bullying behaviour


by Martin Odoni

Another template readers can use for submitting e-mails to the Labour Party’s complaints team – at

To whom it may concern,

I wish to register my disgust at, and my wish to see action taken against, the Enfield Labour MP, Joan Ryan. Her public outburst against members of her constituency party last night, after she lost a no-confidence vote, was both spiteful and offensive, and brings the Labour Party into disrepute.

Joan Ryan tweet-in-defeat

Joan Ryan displaying typical right-wing/Blairite ‘magnanimity’.

Ryan referred to honest party workers who voted against her as ‘Trots Stalinists Communists’. At least two of these terms are effectively pejoratives, and she has no reason to suggest that they reasonably apply to any fellow party-members, just because they have expressed no confidence in her. Her attempt to play down the outcome by pointing to the margin of her defeat was dishonest, as she had tried to ‘pad out’ the meeting with her supporters. Her response to still losing was vindictive and crude.

Joan Ryan no confidence vote stitch-up attempt

Joan Ryan tried to stich up the meeting in which she faced a vote of no confidence. And she still lost.

Ryan’s original attempt to accuse a Palestine Solidarity Campaign supporter called Jean Fitzpatrick of being ‘anti-Semitic’ was a disgusting slur in itself, and is also plainly McCarthyite conduct unacceptable in any member of the Labour Party. She has spent much of the last three years publicly undermining the Party leadership, which is effectively a manner of campaigning against the Labour Party. That is expressly against Party rules.

Joan Ryan has shown herself to be a toxic and damaging presence in the Labour Party, and does not appear to respect the rules therein. I demand her membership be suspended with immediate effect, and a full and rigorous investigation into her conduct past-and-present be undertaken, with a view to her possible expulsion.

With polite regards

by Martin Odoni

Template for people to e-mail complaints to the Labour Party, via

To whom it may concern,

Jess Phillips MP has made anti-Semitic remarks on social media. Please see below.

Jess Phillips anti-semitic statement against Israel

If a Jeremy Corbyn supporter had said “Isreali [sic] government are racist”, we know what would happen to him/her.

By referring to the Israeli Government as ‘racist’, Ms Phillips has used a term that applies equally to Nazi Germany, and therefore stands as a comparison with Nazi Germany. Under the terms of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition, that makes her remarks anti-Semitic.

The party is presently clamping down ruthlessly on any statement made by members that can be presented as ‘anti-Semitic’, no matter how absurd the leap-of-logic required. Ms Phillips cannot expect to be treated differently from other members simply because she happens to be in the Parliamentary Party.

Therefore, I demand her membership of the Labour Party be suspended with immediate effect, while carrying out a full and exhaustive investigation into her conduct, past and present.

Polite regards

by Martin Odoni

No, seriously, how stupid are they?

David Collier is a racist and smear-merchandising Zionist blogger of precisely the kind that currently dominate the ‘Anti-Semitism-in-the-Labour-Party’ contrived hysteria. Yesterday, somebody added me to a Facebook group called ‘Palestine Live‘, and Collier noticed (obsessive, stalking weirdos these Zionists, are they not?), and decided to condemn me for linking to the blogpost I wrote over the weekend. But not having the courage to take me to task in person, he instead took a screenshot and then posted it onto his Twitter feed.

David Collier smear

David Collier attacks me without daring to confront me.

Collier also made some pretty huge assumptions about me in the process. He says Jews who reject Zionism, like myself, are; –

so lost that they comfortably swim with white supremacists, Holocaust deniers and antisemites.

All I can say to that is that I have not knowingly ‘swum with white supremacists, Holocaust deniers or anti-Semites’ in my entire life. That mention of white supremacists is perhaps a little two-faced, given the British Zionist movement’s undeniable links to the English Defence League. And it is also two-faced of Collier to have a cover picture on his feed reading, “Beyond the great divide the truth matters“, given how little priority he gives to accuracy when attempting to describe Jewish anti-Zionists. But I digress.

My point is this; how stupid do these people have to be? All Collier has done is given me a hint that I am starting to get under Zionist skins. Does he imagine that, by “screenshotting” me like this, he will ‘intimidate me into shamed silence’, or something? Does he imagine that by using an image of the link, rather than linking to the blogpost itself, it will be particularly difficult for me to provide counter-links that will allow people to view what I actually said, rather than his crude caricature of it?

But above all, does he not realise that, by trying to do a ‘public lynching’ job on me like this, Collier is demonstrating precisely the sort of toxic, bullying behaviour that is rife among Zionist fanatics, and to which I was referring in the very blogpost linked-to in the image in the first place? Talk about providing an object lesson in the very act of denying it.

Add to this, I probably would not even have noticed the attack, had it not been for our old comic ‘toothless attack-dog’, Jonathan Hoffman (another disturbingly-obsessive social media stalker) – perhaps also imagining that I would be intimidated – actually putting an image of Collier’s tweet on my Facebook timeline!

Do Collier and Hoffman really not grasp that the best indicator I can get that what I write is effective is that it bothers hate-preaching Zionist bigots like themselves? If Zionists were just ignoring what I write, I would take it as a sign that I am not accomplishing very much, and might question whether it is worth the bother of continuing. Moreover, Collier has a lot more followers on Twitter than I have as well, and many of them, who had probably never heard of me until this morning, now know of me and what my position is on Israel. So as things stand, I regard this as a nice, free promo for my blog.

So… thanks for the thumbs-up, Collier and Hoffman. You pair of cretins!


by Martin Odoni

Following up on that complaint I lodged with the Labour Party over the weekend about the misdeeds of the fringe group Labour Against Anti-Semitism, I today received a reply from Tim Dexter of the complaints unit. Here is the text; –


Dear Martin,

Thank you for your email.

I want to assure you that the Labour Party takes its responsibilities in handling sensitive data extremely seriously and we would never provide third parties with any sensitive information they are not entitled to.

LAAS are a completely separate organisation to the Labour Party. They are not affiliated to the party and do not hold any status within the party.

If you have concerns about how they have obtained your data I suggest in the first instance you ask them where they obtained the information from. If they are unable to provide a satisfactory response then you should consider raising a complaint with the ICO, information on how to do this can be found at the following website:

Many thanks,

Tim Dexter
Complaints Officer
The Labour Party


This reply is, at best, puzzling.

Firstly, I never implied that the Labour Party itself was leaking sensitive data to anybody – the thought had never even crossed my mind come to that – so this is the classic example of a guilty-sounding, unsolicited denial that, far from allaying suspicions, instead raises suspicions that were not there in the first place. A child greeting his parents when they get through the front door with the words, “The baby-sitter’s making it up!!!” springs irresistibly to mind.

Secondly, the bit about LAAS being a separate organisation is not really the point. I did mention it myself in the original complaint, come to that, and I was asking quite explicitly for the party to take action against them for operating in Labour’s name without permission. Mr Dexter displays startlingly little interest in that idea, or concern about the damage LAAS could do to the party’s reputation.

Furthermore, some of LAAS‘ members (see below), most particularly Euan Philipps, are members of the Labour Party. Even if they treat their capacity as LAAS members as a completely separate business, when they do what they do in the name of the Labour Party, that non-afiliation status should not afford them any protection. But Mr Dexter appears happy to let Philipps et al have it both ways.

Thirdly, I never suggested that LAAS has hold of my contact data at all. I am certainly not aware of receiving any communications from them. I was drawing the party’s attention to LAAS using contact data of an NEC member against his explicit instructions. Use of such data when ordered to delete it by their subject is expressly illegal. Furthermore, LAAS‘ attempt to use his request to damage his reputation over social media might also be illegal under defamation laws. Again, Mr Dexter appears to be utterly disinterested in this.

I can only conclude that the Labour complaints team are perfectly comfortable with members of the party being engaged in illegal behaviour when acting in the name of Labour. Given how over-zealous the complaints team are about going after members who criticise Israel, that seems to be a decidedly uneven attitude.

Either that or the complaints team did not pay proper attention to what I wrote.

Keyboard headbutt

My general reaction to the largely-irrelevant reply I got from the Labour complaints team.

On a related note, a contact of mine has sent me the following information about the identities of other LAAS members, and the source she has for how they have been identified; –

Emma Picken (Feltham), Jonathan Hoffman (on LBC) Denny Taylor (in Twitter bio) Saul Freeman (appeared on The Big Questions with Nicky Campbell as spokesperson) Jessica Jacobs-Schiff (outed by Euan as convenor after nominating her for a JLM Award on JLM site promptly taken down from public view next day).

I know Denny is still a [Labour] member but Saul isn’t. neither is Hoffman obviously. Schiff stated she left but needs checking. She is Intl Labour in Copenhagen. We have a feeling that Euan and Emma have been suspended as they removed Labour from their Twitter bios but not 100% I think it would be worth contacting Lewisham East and Tonbridge and Malling CLP as press to get that clarified. Euan’s CLP hates him so you should get an answer off them.

I should be surprised to see that the ineffable Hoffman is a member of a group with ‘Labour’ in its name, given how malevolently right wing he and most of his associates are. But I am not surprised at all. Nor am I surprised to see him operating in a group that behaves illegally.

Whatever the case, I shall send a follow-up complaint to the Labour Party soon, and include these names as further members who require investigating.


by Martin Odoni

NB: The other evening, I put up a template (well, of a sort) for people to submit complaints to the Labour Party about the appalling comments of Holocaust-Manipulator Margaret Hodge. Today, the fringe Labour Party group, ‘Labour Against Anti-Semitism’ (LAAS), a smear-group who operate in the name of the Labour Party but without the party’s recognition or permission, have been revealed to have broken the law, possibly on three counts – data protection, breach-of-privacy, and defamation. I have therefore written up another complaint and sent it to the Labour Party, and am once more sharing the text, so others can copy-paste with appropriate amendments to add their own voices if they so wish. E-mail address to send to is

The cryptic badge of Labour Against Anti-Semitism

If LAAS wish to give me grief for publishing an image of their badge without permission, they can take it up with me once they’ve apologised for using the name of ‘Labour’ without the party’s permission.

Good morning,

I wish to complain in the strongest possible terms about the conduct of the group “Labour Against Anti-Semitism” (LAAS), who, while operating in the name of the Labour Party (probably without permission), have potentially broken three laws, and engaged in extremely indiscreet and undeserved acts of public humiliation against a fellow party member.

Referring you to the following article, LAAS are, by their own admission, guilty of harvesting people’s contact details from online search engines, and then adding them to their mailing lists without explicit permission. This is an incontrovertible violation of data protection laws.

When a member of the Labour NEC, Darren Williams, politely asked LAAS to take him off their mailing list, as the law allows him to do and compels them to co-operate with, they instead decided to use his request in an attempt to humiliate him publicly. They put images of his e-mail on social media without his consent, which is a possible breach of privacy, and implied that he was hiding something about supposed ‘anti-Semitism’ in the Labour Party, which may amount to defamation.

LAAS are therefore definitely guilty of violating data protection laws, while possibly guilty also of violation-of-privacy and defamation-of-character. Furthermore, whether legal or otherwise, all of these misdeeds clearly constitute Bringing The Party Into Disrepute.

I understand that Euan Philipps is the spokesperson for LAAS, and that he is a member of the Labour Party – a former chairman in his local constituency.

Given this conduct by LAAS has quite serious criminal overtones, while being carried out in the name of the Labour Party, the party cannot turn a blind eye to it without implicitly approving of it. Therefore, I hereby demand that Mr Philipps, and any of his colleagues in LAAS that the party know of, be suspended from the party with immediate effect, pending a full and detailed investigation into their conduct, with a view to their expulsion if found guilty.  The party should also examine what legal avenues are available to force LAAS to stop using the ‘Labour’ name without permission.

Kind regards

by Martin Odoni

NB: The following text is a letter of complaint I have sent to the Labour Party this evening, demanding Dame Margaret Hodge’s membership be re-suspended. If you share my disgust at what Hodge has said on Sky News today – see the link below – you may consider this page to be a template. Therefore, feel free to copy and paste the below text into e-mails of complaint against Hodge that you wish to send to the party, if you are having any trouble finding the right words. The address to send such e-mails to is

Dame Margaret Hodge making irresponsible noises about antisemitism

Hodge’s abusiveness to her leader was reason enough for her suspension from the Labour Party. Her attempts to compare the party to Nazi Germany should mean automatic expulsion.


To whom it may concern (which should be everybody in the Labour Party),

I wish to express my offence and disgust at the appalling behaviour and rhetoric of Margaret Hodge.

[LINK] Margaret Hodge: Labour investigation made me think about treatment of Jews in 1930s Germany

Hodge’s attempts to compare an honest, fair and necessary investigation into her previous abusive conduct to the actions of Nazi Germany on 16/8/2018 was not only hyperbolic to the point of insanity, it was also incredibly offensive and hurtful – both to the honest great majority of Labour supporters and members, and to members of the various Jewish communities around the UK. Her behaviour belittles and trivialises the deaths of literally millions of Jews in the 1930s and 1940s, and is thus anti-Semitic.

It is quite clear that Hodge is cynically manipulating her Jewish background in order to win favourable treatment. This is, in itself, highly offensive to British Jews, while also grossly unfair on other party members who have been accused of misconduct and are finding it immensely difficult to receive a fair hearing.

Hodge’s words are also immensely hypocritical, given her own desire to see the IHRA working definition of anti-Semitism adopted in full, including its clause arguing that comparing Israel to Nazi Germany is anti-Semitic. Hodge cannot have it both ways. If comparing Israel to Nazi Germany is unacceptable in all times and in all circumstances, then comparing her party to Nazi Germany is also inexcusable.

I demand Hodge’s immediate suspension from the Labour Party, pending a new investigation into her conduct.

Kind regards
Martin Odoni