by Martin Odoni

I must admit, I am in some despair. As a country, the UK just is not taking the pandemic of SARS-Cov2 Coronavirus seriously.

Since the turn of the year, the daily death-rate from the Covid-19 fever the coronavirus induces has shot up to levels substantially higher than the previous peak back in the spring, and yet the Government seems more reluctant to offer a concerted response than ever. Since the 9th of January, only two days have seen the UK death rate dip below 1,000. (And that is going by the 28-days-after-a-positive-test calculation. Back last spring and early summer, that 28-day cut-off was not being used in England and Wales. If the earlier calculation was still being used, the rates would be even higher.)

I have written extensively about the 1989 Hillsborough Disaster down the years, a stadium tragedy that took ninety-six lives due to negligence by the UK emergency services. That disaster, and the ensuing attempt by the UK legal industry to cover up its real causes, is quite rightly one of the greatest controversies of modern British history. That was ninety-six lives, and well over thirty years of struggle have followed in the search for justice and accountability, and it has had enormous consequences for Health & Safety standards in the UK subsequently.

And yet, each day since the 9th of October has seen a higher number of deaths in the UK due to Covid-19 than was seen due to the crush at Hillsborough. The ‘post-smoothing’ daily Covid death-rate since the 8th of January has been ten times that of Hillsborough. The death total confirmed on Wednesday this week, 1,820, smashed the previous record set only one day earlier of 1,610.

If we take the average daily death-toll over, say, the last week or so, we find it comes to 1,227.

That equates to the Hilsborough Disaster happening between 12 and 13 times every single day.

Truly disturbing that the UK death-rate for Covid-19 is garnering so little reaction

Or even scarier perhaps, it is the same as a Hillsborough Disaster happening roughly once every one hour and fifty-five minutes.

And yet the reaction to all this seems breathtaking in its mutedness. This doubtless pleases the Government. It has been very clear from a very early stage that the priority of Boris Johnson and his gang-of-thieves is not to save lives. Their first priority is just to keep the economy ticking over in its normal way, and any measures to fight the pandemic that might infringe upon this have been very deliberately compromised accordingly. Their second priority is to make sure that, where such compromises have been allowed, the Government does not get any of the blame for the loss of life. (And incredibly, they seem to be succeeding, with the public blaming each other instead.) This loss of life in itself is of no interest to Johnson’s Government at all. They do not wish to save people, they do not care how many people die in the name of keeping the economy the same.

It has been quite horrifying watching interviews with Tory politicians over the last few weeks and noticing just how unashamed they are. This is especially true on those rare occasions when someone in the media really bothers to give them a proper grilling. For all my loathing for Piers Morgan and his bullying nature, he must be given credit for at least being prepared to ‘slap upwards’ as much as downwards. On Good Morning Britain, Morgan really has put the likes of Health Secretary Matt Hancock, Home Secretary Priti Patel, and Education Secretary Gavin Williamson on the rack in recent days and made life very uncomfortable for them. In particular, Morgan attacked the ludicrous mixed messages on preventing pandemic spread, and the failure to supply either medical staff or the public with the equipment needed, to treat patients or to educate children from home respectively.

We might take a certain grim satisfaction from seeing these prejudicial frauds finally getting some comeuppance. But instead, what struck me watching each interview was that all of the interviewees were visibly lying, all of them were sticking to a pre-arranged, vague, message of unfocused generalities, and attempting to shift blame onto the victims. (That in itself is very reminiscent of Hillsborough, and shows that the British Establishment is no more honest today than it was in 1989.) But I could see no trace of shame or embarrassment in their fixed ‘poker-face’ expressions. No glint of queasy conscience about lying to the country live on air about a lethal pandemic tearing through families nationwide. Absolutely no contrition over the likelihood that, of roughly 95,000 deaths due to Covid-19 so far in the UK, probably as many as two-thirds of them could have been prevented simply by bothering to lock down correctly, and using the nation’s natural properties as an island as an extra barrier to the virus’ spread.

These disgusting people, these psychopaths in suits, these lovers of money for money’s sake, these loathsome Tories, just do not care. They hold the national populace, for whom as an elected Government they have a mortal responsibility, in utter contempt, will justify their every negligence and failure, and every death resulting therefrom, with cheap stereotype caricature of the victims, and arrogant rejection of duty.

If we cannot get angry at roughly ninety Hillsboroughs in about a week, can we please all finally get angry at the people, whose first duty should be to protect us, but who instead treat us as meaningless and expendable in their cronies’ insatiable hunger for more and more money?