You Can Follow Morality Or The Rules: You Can’t Follow Both



Congratulating Some People Can Hurt–Especially When It’s For Being A Sneaky Weasel – January 2015. Analysing a clever but dirty trick by David Cameron during a TV debate.

Spare Us Your Emotional Blackmail, Labourites – January 2015. Right-wing Labour members and supporters are very quick to blame people on the left for siding with other parties for ‘letting the Tories in’. But the accusation could just as easily be fired the other way.

An Open Letter: Oh The Shame! The Shame!February 2015. Refuting a hypocritical complaint by Liberal Democrat MPs, who seem to be insinuating that the electorate is ‘letting them down’.

In A Democratic Process, You Are Supposed To Tell Us What Your Own Damned Budgets Are Before You Insult Someone Else’s – March 2015. A Tory attack on Labour’s spending plans seems very hard to swallow, given the Tories themselves have not costed their own Manifesto yet, and seem to be indicating that they will not publish the numbers until after the Election.

Leaders’ Debate: Did You Notice Cameron’s Slip? April 2015. A comment from David Cameron during another televised debate contradicts his own previous propaganda on unemployment figures.

It’s A Sad Look-Out For The Left When Labour Endorses The Telegraph & The MailApril 2015. Criticising Ed Miliband for using a rumour published in right wing newspapers to attack the Scottish National Party.

Politicised Adverts? – April 2015. Suspicions raised about adverts appearing on boards around the country in the name of the National Health Service, but which sound a little consistent with Tory Party propaganda.

An Implosion Once Started Almost Always Completes April 2015. With just a few weeks to go before the country goes to the polls, Ed Miliband leads David Cameron in the party leader approval ratings for the very first time.

Daily Mail Poised For More Stunning Revelations About Red EdApril 2015. Satire, mocking some of the idiotic headlines the Daily Mail continues to publish about the Labour leader.

GE2015: However The Poll Pans Out, Electoral Reform Must Return To The Agenda – May 2015. The main defence of the First-Past-The-Post electoral system is that it ‘produces strong Government’. But as British election results are increasingly showing, there is no guarantee that it will, and it is time for changes.

GE 2015: Defying AnalysisMay 2015. Assessing the bizarre outcome of the 2015 Election.

A Slim Majority Means More Instability. Good News? No – May 2015. Leftists trying to take consolation from the narrowness of the Tory victory in GE2015 need to consider that the narrow majority puts David Cameron into the arms of extremists on the far right of his party.



Why has May called a General Election? Probably the 2015 Election Fraud April 2017. Theresa May breaks an express pledge not to go to the polls until 2020. One of the reasons why may well have been the Election fraud by her party.

Completing Churchill’s thought; vote for Corbyn May 2017. Satire, paraphrasing an old quotation frequently and wrongly attributed to Winston Churchill, to list off the many, many reasons why you should not vote for the Conservatives.

About that Tory plant on Question Time – May 2017. A Tory councillor was given the opening question on BBC Question Time, and this is part of a very partisan pattern of behaviour from the UK’s supposedly ‘neutral’ broadcaster.

BBC Complaints response May 2017. The BBC complaints team send a very generic reply to an e-mail I sent them about the above Tory plant, a reply that does not really answer the questions I asked.

Still more (yes, sorry) about that complaint to the BBC May 2017. Comparing the above Tory plant being allowed to submit questions on Question Time to the reasons an SNP member was barred from doing so in another edition.

Laura Kuenssberg’s credibility-nosedive in a couple of pictures May 2017. Highlighting the unmistakable resemblance between how the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg reports on political issues, and the way that Tories talk about them.

Five stupid remarks from Paul Nuttall. Five responses May 2017. During a televised debate between the leaders of the smaller parties, Paul Nuttal of UKIP made himself look pretty asinine.

Taking stock of a fantastic week for Labour May 2017. Labour, who started the campaign on a very weak footing, are surging back in the Election polls, cutting a deficit of 24 points to single figures in about a month.

The Tory campaign is in meltdown. Come on, Blue Labourites, time to get behind Corbyn May 2017. The Tories are producing one of the most shambolic, over-orchestrated, tedious and negative election campaigns ever seen, handing the initiative to Labour, who are producing the best campaign seen in Britain in at least twenty years. It is therefore time for the Parliamentary right wing to stop undermining their leader and to get properly on board

The courage to say the unsayable lies with the left, not the right May 2017. With just over two weeks to go before the General Election, Jeremy Corbyn responds to the horror of the Manchester Arena Bombing with one of the bravest and most honest speeches a party leader has ever delivered during an election campaign.

What’s ‘monstrous’, Boris? May 2017. Rebuttal of an insulting and deceitful remark made by Boris Johnson in response to Jeremy Corbyn’s Manchester Arena speech.

In the interests of political neutrality, please do not help proliferate this song May 2017. Satire, mocking the way Captain Ska’s hit single attacking Theresa May, Liar, Liar, has been banned from broadcast on TV and radio due to political neutrality rules.

Thoughts on the Leadership ‘debate’ May 2017. Assessing a televised not-quite-debate between Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn, grilled by Jeremy Paxman. This is actually one of May’s better performances in an otherwise-dire campaign , but she has still come off second best, and will ever-after be remembered as “A blowhard who collapses at the first sign of gunfire.”

New Yougov projection – HUNG PARLIAMENT May 2017. A shock poll with just over a week to go until the General Election suggests that, far from the widely-predicted Tory landslide, the UK is headed for another Hung Parliament.

Theresa May or may not May 2017. Theresa May ducks out of a televised debate against the other party leaders.

Leaders Debate: How they did and how Theresa May did not June 2017. Assessing how those who showed up for the final TV debate performed, as well as how feeble, cowardly and, frankly, terrified Theresa May’s campaign work over the last six weeks has been.

It never rains but it May pourJune 2017. Entering the final week of campaigning, more bad news for Theresa May as several members of her party are accused of electoral fraud in the 2015 constituency poll in South Thanet.

One day to go and somehow I still fear the worstJune 2017. Final thoughts on the eve of the General Election.

Theresa May is the laughing stock of Europe June 2017. With the shock General Election result of a Hung Parliament confirmed, Theresa May is now a lame-duck Prime Minister, and is now the most-mocked politician in Europe.



Eventful start to GE2019November 2019. The first day of official electioneering in GE2019 was marked by chaos in all directions.

Angela Smith could soon get her comeuppance, and she doesn’t like itNovember 2019. Angela Smith has had a public belly-ache about not being entitled to a ‘parachute payment’ if she fails to win a seat for the Liberal Democrats in the General Election. Here is why she should receive absolutely no sympathy from anybody.

The mental contortions of Ian Austin are impressive, but wastedNovember 2019. Ian Austin MP, a defector from Labour, appears to serve no function in politics bar attacking Jeremy Corbyn, and his attacks are so ineffective that he is making them more and more frantic and wild. This in turn makes him look faintly ridiculous.

Who cares what’s in the LibDems’ Manifesto? It is guaranteed to be meaninglessNovember 2019. The Liberal Democrat conduct during the post-2010 coalition has established that their official Manifesto will almost always be meaningless.

Boris Johnson is making the same mistakes as Theresa May did in 2017November 2019. Highlighting the eerie ways in which Boris Johnson’s early campaign performance has been similar to, and every bit as appalling as, Theresa May’s back in 2017.

Time for Remainers to face facts as well. Voting for Jo Swinson is NOT going to stop BrexitNovember 2019. Explaining why Remainers who are siding with the Liberal Democrats during GE2019 are deluding themselves if they imagine there is any chance it will lead to the reversal of Brexit.

Who’s the ‘chicken’ really, Boris?November 2019. Boris Johnson’s inability to face public protest and his cowardly tendency to avoid debates and confrontations is making his cheap jibes at Jeremy Corbyn about supposedly being ‘a chicken’ look almost like projection.

Okay, LibDems, so you will pursue your Manifesto policies by supporting a policy that is incompatible with your Manifesto policies…? Um, wut?November 2019. Within a couple of days of his party publishing their Manifesto, Ed Davey announces a Brexit policy that is incompatible with the position stated therein.

Tories need to stop banging on about Diane Abbott’s brain-freeze, because their own maths mistakes are far worseNovember 2019. Online right wingers love to Single out Diane Abbott, the Shadow Home Secretary, for a car-crash interview she faced in 2017 when she got some figures wrong. But the Tories’ general mathematical standards are, by recent evidence, the most egregious ones.

24 hours of Tory toxicityDecember 2019. In a truly vile campaign of lies and distortions by the Conservatives, entering the final week, they produced twenty-four hours that may constitute an all-time nadir in British politics.

One reason everyone should vote for Jeremy CorbynDecember 2019. Jeremy Corbyn earned the votes of British Progressives, unlike the detritus MPs of the Blair/Brown years, who seem to think they are simply entitled to such votes.

Laura Kuenssberg, you’ve really overstepped this timeDecember 2019. Laura Kuenssberg, the BBC’s political editor, has a history of jeopardising the corportations vaunted impartiality. On the eve of this Election, she actually goes as far as to break the law.

Friday the 13th – a true horrorDecember 2019. Labour suffers its heaviest defeat since the 1930s as leftist Brexiteers choose to abandon their traditional party and support right wing pro-Leave parties instead.

“What is a General Election?”December 2019. Imagine an alien came to Earth and asked you to explain the role racism furores played in the 2019 General Election. What would they think?

If it’s any consolation…December 2019. GE2019 proved to be a bit of a disaster for the left, but on the bright side, there were some amusing and well-deserved setbacks for some of Labour’s opponents too.


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