Trying very hard not to laugh hysterically at Stephen Pollard

April 8, 2020

by Martin Odoni

You know, even all the social and economic damage caused by theĀ CoVid-19 Coronavirus appears to have its upside. Because purchase and distribution of newspapers is becoming extremely intermittent as a result of the lockdown, some are hitting financial difficulties. While I am saddened for some of them, one of the ones that have actually gone bust may look amusingly familiar.

Jewish Chronicle liquidating

Oops! How ever did that happen, Mr Pollard? Image c/o The Guardian

Yes, the Jewish Chronicle, and its former rival and later merger-partner, Jewish News, are going bust. The underlying story, I must stress, is a very grim one, with Enders Analysis forecasting a massive industry-wide cave-in of professional British journalism as a result of the pandemic. For many reasons, that is certainly not to be celebrated.

But the demise of the Jewish Chronicle – and I remind readers that I am saying this as a Jew – is undeniably a satisfying development. A number of journalists on its staff are going jobless, and I feel that they are simply getting their comeuppance. TheĀ Jewish Chronicle is every bit as much of a right-wing smear-rag as The S*n, and only gets to keep its distinguished reputation because it has the word Jewish in its title. Post-Holocaust guilt seems to deter objective criticism of its history of appalling scare-mongering, and relentless campaigns of character-assassination against opponents of Israel. At no point in history has the definition of ‘anti-Semitism’ been stretched so ridiculously wide, to the point where it means, “Anything Zionists do not agree with,” and the Jewish Chronicle is one of the main drivers of that absurdity in Britain. Over the last five years in particular, its vile witch-hunt against the left wing of the Labour Party approached levels of deceit and malignancy that can best be described as actually evil. The blame for that can be levelled mainly at its Chief Editor, Stephen Pollard, a right-wing free market extremist, and Zionist hatchet-man. The fact that Pollard has written frequently for the aforementioned S*n, the Daily Express, and the Daily Mail should give everyone a clear idea of the sort of ‘journalist’ he is i.e. not actually a journalist, but a propagandist for total intolerance. Let a man like that run any newspaper, no matter how respectable it might once have (supposedly) been, and you can be sure it will gallop down-market very rapidly.

Still, the detestable Pollard could not defeat a virus that is as indiscriminately destructive as himself, it seems. There may be a life-lesson for everyone in that.

In the meantime, if you wish to assume I am gloating, let me make my position clear; –

Jewish Chronicle collapses

I’m not laughing at the demise of the most loathsome and deceitful smear-rag in all of Zionism. Because I’m too busy dancing on its grave.


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