Any last lingering hopes anyone on the Labour left might have been clinging to that Keir Starmer would be a progressive leader are now ashes, it would seem. Unity News claim to have discovered the identities of Starmer’s private donors of greater than £5,000. If Unity are correct about them, they are, depressingly predictably, the kinds of people you cannot possibly walk through City Of London’s financial district without them colliding with you and pushing you off the pavement.

Robert Latham – £100,000
Retired barrister

Clive Hollick – £25,000
Ex-merchant banker

Martin Clarke – £25,000
Ex-Daily Mail publisher (major alarm bell over this one!)

Sonny Leong CBE – £5,000
Former executive of the Labour Party’s ‘1000 Club’ – essentially a legalised cash-for-access-to-politicians scheme

Lady Katharine Gavron – £5,000
Widow of British printing millionaire Baron Gavron, who funded Tony Blair

Spot the difference between Starmer and Blair

Starmer’s the one of the left. Er, I think.

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