Another complaint template – suspend all LAAS members from the Labour Party

August 18, 2018

by Martin Odoni

NB: The other evening, I put up a template (well, of a sort) for people to submit complaints to the Labour Party about the appalling comments of Holocaust-Manipulator Margaret Hodge. Today, the fringe Labour Party group, ‘Labour Against Anti-Semitism’ (LAAS), a smear-group who operate in the name of the Labour Party but without the party’s recognition or permission, have been revealed to have broken the law, possibly on three counts – data protection, breach-of-privacy, and defamation. I have therefore written up another complaint and sent it to the Labour Party, and am once more sharing the text, so others can copy-paste with appropriate amendments to add their own voices if they so wish. E-mail address to send to is

The cryptic badge of Labour Against Anti-Semitism

If LAAS wish to give me grief for publishing an image of their badge without permission, they can take it up with me once they’ve apologised for using the name of ‘Labour’ without the party’s permission.

Good morning,

I wish to complain in the strongest possible terms about the conduct of the group “Labour Against Anti-Semitism” (LAAS), who, while operating in the name of the Labour Party (probably without permission), have potentially broken three laws, and engaged in extremely indiscreet and undeserved acts of public humiliation against a fellow party member.

Referring you to the following article, LAAS are, by their own admission, guilty of harvesting people’s contact details from online search engines, and then adding them to their mailing lists without explicit permission. This is an incontrovertible violation of data protection laws.

When a member of the Labour NEC, Darren Williams, politely asked LAAS to take him off their mailing list, as the law allows him to do and compels them to co-operate with, they instead decided to use his request in an attempt to humiliate him publicly. They put images of his e-mail on social media without his consent, which is a possible breach of privacy, and implied that he was hiding something about supposed ‘anti-Semitism’ in the Labour Party, which may amount to defamation.

LAAS are therefore definitely guilty of violating data protection laws, while possibly guilty also of violation-of-privacy and defamation-of-character. Furthermore, whether legal or otherwise, all of these misdeeds clearly constitute Bringing The Party Into Disrepute.

I understand that Euan Philipps is the spokesperson for LAAS, and that he is a member of the Labour Party – a former chairman in his local constituency.

Given this conduct by LAAS has quite serious criminal overtones, while being carried out in the name of the Labour Party, the party cannot turn a blind eye to it without implicitly approving of it. Therefore, I hereby demand that Mr Philipps, and any of his colleagues in LAAS that the party know of, be suspended from the party with immediate effect, pending a full and detailed investigation into their conduct, with a view to their expulsion if found guilty.  The party should also examine what legal avenues are available to force LAAS to stop using the ‘Labour’ name without permission.

Kind regards


6 Responses to “Another complaint template – suspend all LAAS members from the Labour Party”

  1. Reblogged this on Wirral In It Together and commented:
    This is well-founded, worth reading, signing, submitting and sharing, because data protection laws and personal privacy appear to have been recklessly breached. Unbridled, right wing zealots cannot be permitted to bully, intimidate and do as they please.

  2. James Ritchie Says:

    You are in fire Martin

  3. […] up on that complaint I lodged with the Labour Party over the weekend about the misdeeds of the fringe group Labour […]

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